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Posted on October 17, 2014 by Tim
Happy Friday everyone! Here's a new spot o' Fan Art from Ralf Stumpf. It's called Amy Wong Mastermind and the back story is that Amy found an old invention of Farnsworth's, the “Smart Blaster”. It looked like a hairdryer to her so she used it, but not only did she get smart she also get evil and she made a new costume for her new ego. From now on her goal is to rule the world. For some reason, I'm OK with that.

Call this double Fan Art day because here's some more, eight of 'em in this batch from Spaceman130. He says that the line drawings are about eight years old and they're his first attempts at drawing Bender, Fry, the Professor, Kif, and Zapp. The b&w sketches are the originals, the other ones were colored in this week.

And lastly, I received some Halloween related art (not this one) today which reminds that said holiday is coming up in just a couple of weeks. So any appropriately themed contributions would be most welcome.
Fan art by Jodes aka Mrs-Ryuzaki-Fry

What's that, Agnew? A telegram?
Posted on October 11, 2014 by Tim
Baroo! There ... seems to have been some ... We've been scammed again, people. Prepare to evacuate Earth. I mean, New Scamedonia. Yup, bad news everyone, I feel just like Nixon's head in Bender's Big Score 'cause the contest for the free Fry Halloween costume - well, the company just pulled the rug out from under us. You know there are times when the contributor tells it better than I ever could and in those cases I let them speak, so I'll do the same here. They speak thus: “We've hit a very large snag in our process here. We just learned (we being marketing) that Fox has put a block on all of our licensed giveaways. Meaning we will be un-able to do a give away with you at this time.
Normally these approvals aren't an issue and we are working on it on our end.
My humble and deepest apologies.
Ever in your Service,
David "Rosey" Rosencrance
e: david.rosencrance@fun.com p: 507-386-0207 fax: 507-386-0517
Delivering memories through a billion smiles, a million laughs and a few disapproving headshakes.” Yeah, get a load of that last line in his signature. There's a few disapproving headshakes around here today. So, sorry folks, the contest is off. Whether it was really Fox (and as we all know it wouldn't be the first time) or some marketing minion overstepping their bounds we shall never know. BUT, if you've done some crap art, don't let all that suppressed talent go to waste - send it in anyway. At least we'll all still be winners!
Fan art by Javier Sánchez/The Futurama Point

On to more enjoyable business, aka new Fan Fiction and Fan Art time, all combined into one. It's another Illustrated Gulliver63 fic. This one's called Little Things II: Empire of the Ants. At the end of his previous Little Things story, Morgan Proctor thought it would be a great idea to use Farnsworth's hyper-intelligent ants as employees. Her plans run afoul as a revolutionary ant leads them down the path to world domination. Will the Planet Express be able to save the Earth? Or will they be forced to feed sugar cubes to their new masters? All will be revealed in this sequel and conclusion to the Little Things saga.

And now, something new, something old. The new is this article in our Miscellaneous Pictures section, another dusty corner of the Madhouse that doesn't see much action. The old is this article that was published in 24 Hours Toronto on December 11, 2012 about all those great animated shows we were still watching back then, and, the picture of those other Groening characters notwithstanding, there is a section on Futurama and it's own diehard legion of followers. That's us baby! Thanks to Spaceman130 for contributing the clipping so we could archive it.
Get Ready to Fling Excrement and Win!
Posted on October 8, 2014 by Tim
Halloween is coming up the end of this month and Futurama-Madhouse is offering you, the discerning reader of this site, an opportunity to win, absolutely free asterisk, this amazingly cool Fry costume, a $48.99 retail value. How cool is that? Seeking some free advertising, the good folks over at halloweencostumes.com have offered one free to any winner we designate in some kind of contest of our own design. So, how to throw together a quick and dirty contest that anyone could have a chance at? Well, while we were taking the flamethrower to one of the dustier and more neglected wings of the Madhouse, inspiration hit - Crap Art! Yes, anyone can do Crap Art and that area could use a little invigorating so grab some crayons and any old scrap of paper and listen up: Draw and submit one or more crappy Halloween and Futurama themed Crap Art pictures by midnight EDT (UTC-4), Saturday, October 18, 2014. Entries must be e-mailed to tim@futurama-madhouse.net (please put "Crap art contest" in the subject line). Graham and I are the judges and the winner will be announced just as soon as the 5 hour time difference between us will allow for. Decision of the judges is final. Winner will be provided with contact info to claim their prize. Futurama Madhouse reserves the right to publish any and all submissions in our Crap Art section and to laugh derisively at the “art” and “artist”. And if you don't feel like making bad drawings and risking public humiliation, you could just always order a costume directly. I'm sure they wouldn't complain.

(asterisk - any taxes or other nonsense imposed by the winner's local, regional, or national governments are the responsibility of the winner).
Darkness, Dreams, and Aquarium Gravel
Posted on October 5, 2014 by Tim
Three tasty treats this afternoon, the first is this cool T shirt with some cool crossover Fan Art on it. 3D character artist Ralf Stumpf who hails from Germany made this. The pic is, obviously, Fry and Amy as zombies in the pose of the cult classic Army of Darkness poster. Ralf drew the art and had it printed on a shirt, so sorry, it's one of a kind, I can't tell you where you can order yours. The original artwork, along with another one of some of the crew doing a little Wizard of OZ cosplay is on his fan art page.

We started with Fan Art so tradition practically demands that we follow that up with a Fan Fiction. I mention this because it seems that CartoonLover27 has been having strange dreams lately (net necessarily BAD dreams, schlee is careful to point out ) and it inspired this story called Bad Dream. I'm told it's kind of corny.

I'm just gonna let kaspired explain his latest work of Fan Art: “What this is, is colored gravel on non-glare green glass plexiglass. (uh... non-glare is matte finish, green glass plexi has a slight greenish tint which if the edges are polished look like a piece of glass not a piece of plastic.)
Why this is, is because I could.
How this came to be is an odd story. At work we have about 200 pounds of colored glass beads from a job that went bad. Now we're not quite sure what to do with it. My boss idly mentioned maybe somebody could make a mural. My mind clicked. I tried glass beads but they didn't stick. So I found some necklace beads from an arts and craft store but either the beads looked way too cheap or were way too expensive. Plus there was this annoying hole in the middle of each bead. By blind luck I fumbled onto a fish aquarium store. They sold colored gravel for the fish tanks. Scored! It wasn't a perfect match, I know she's not supposed to have orange lips, but close enough.
First photo: The final. 1/4 x 13 x 17 inch (6 x 330 x 432 mm)
Second photo: Close up detail. My signature is written on the back. Which means it had to be written in reverse so it'd be right reading from the front.
Third photo: Work in progress. The red is the tape I used to adhere everything.”
Bug eyes and cluelees webmasters
Posted on September 29, 2014 by Tim
Got a couple of neat things here today, the first is something we haven't seen in a while, some 3D Art. Hektious whipped up this dual image of our favorite Amphibian.

Hek's also got four new pictures on his Fan Art page including this one which is a whole bunch of differently styled Frys. He didn't explain so I got no clue. Check 'em out.

And over in Fan Fiction we have a new installment in Dwayne Anderson's alternate universe tale of derring-do called Space Age Doofus. The latest installment is part ten.
How does this work again?
Posted on September 24, 2014 by Tim
Ok, where to start. So yeah, I've been gone a lot lately causing things have been a little sporadic around here. Sadly for me, but good of FM/TLZ, I'm done running around the countryside playing for a while so it's time to start shoveling out the backlog. Let's start with some Fan Art from Spaceman130. He sends four. I chose this one 'cause it'll show up the best, a study of Leela in blue. He's also got some Jurassic Bark inspired sketches (you know the ones I mean).

Over in Fan Fiction there's also a new fic by Spaceman130. It's called Falling Rain, Spilling Blood. It's inspired by the PlayStation 3 game Vampire Rain: Altered Species and in it when people in New New York begin to mysteriously disappear, Fry, Leela, Bender and Hermes are recruited as part of a secret covert ops team by the EIB (Earthican Information Bureau) to eliminate the threat to the human population.

Here's a bit of crossover Fan Art from Awalex - it's Bender meets Terminator 2 Judgement Day.
Be there or be a regular quadrilateral
Posted on September 12, 2014 by Tim
Greetings nerdlingers! Did you know that the word “nerd”, the root word in nerdlinger, was originally spelled knurd, which if you hold your screen up to a mirror you'll notice is the word drunk spelled backwards. I'll drink to that! This and other amazing factoids are available in this awesome new book, The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh, which I got a free review copy of, which is why I'm plugging it. New before someone reminds me that this isn't exactly a Simpsons site, I should mention that there are four whole chapters that deal exclusively with Futurama. In this book you will learn that The Simpsons and Futurama writing team are bristling with maths PhDs and that the series contain enough mathematics to form a university course - and then some as the author reveals the fascinating details of these hidden maths (<-- it's "maths" 'cause the publisher is in Merry Olde England and that's how they say it over there). I've read part of it and it's a fun read, even mathophobes should be entertained by it. It's available from that place that's named after the large women, and probably others as well. Buy several for xmas gifts.

Four years, Four Better or For Worse. Yup, it's been four years since that cover and first few pages appeared here. I am, or course, talking about Pieter Antonissen's fan comic Four Better or For Worse because tonight we bring you the conclusion of this stunning work. But wait! There's more! Also included are seven, count 'em, seven pages of special features including more naked butts that you can shake a finglonger at. The new stuff starts on page 191. Thanks Pieter, it's been a wonderful ride. Sadly, Piters sez “It'll probably going to be a loooooong time before a new fancomic will rise to the surface - if ever”.
The finest website for under three Nixon funbucks
Posted on August 30, 2014 by Tim
Heheh. Ok, so I hear you wondering, what's that all about and why are Leela and Amy posing with Zapp Brannigan in a cheap champagin ad? Well, to save you a long winded explanation I'll just point you to Gulliver63's long winded explanation, which we call a Fan Fiction in these parts. This one is called Zapp Brannigan and the Planet of Women, which is one of those titles that make me say “Thank ${DEITY} for cut and paste”. But more to the point, finally the tale can be told. Universal space adventurer Zapp Brannigan finds himself in serious trouble on the Planet of Women. Will he be executed? Will he become a pet? Will he get lobotomized? Grab a glass of champagin, nuke some casa-dillas and enjoy Zapp's most thrilling adventure yet.

And now for a little Fan Comic action, here at long last are three new very dense pages of Inquisitor Hein's comic 30. The Inquisitor says that some over-stressed eyes have been slowing him down as of late, and thinking about Pieter's problems with his hand he concludes that it seems like the Madhouse does not have the youngest contributors of Futurama fan comics. This webmaster will be pardoned for editorilizing, I'm sure, if I climb up on my soap box and say they may or may not be the youngest, but they are among the best. Oh, and I might also mention that the new stuff starts on Page 44.

And to complete our three for three special today Zoey Webber has a new Fan Fiction. It's called Strike Back and in it Farnsworth drags everyone to a Career Opportunities Expo for people who work at delivery services. There's nothing for Zoidberg until he finds a Prank Club. Zoidberg will do whatever it takes to be a part of the club. Chaos comes around when Fry and Bender get pranks played on them. Leela has a plan to set Zoidberg straight. But that doesn't stop Zoidberg from pulling off the ultimate prank ever! Zoidberg just might win.......question is....does Zoidberg EVER win?
Fan art by The Futurama Point

Let's get back on track
Posted on August 24, 2014 by Tim
Like Bender sez, “I'm back, baby!” I've been gone most of the last month and haven't been able to update, so I've got a bunch of stuff backed up so it's time to get things cleaned out (more on that at the end of this update). Anyway, a huge thank you to the various contributors, some of whom have been waiting nearly a month, for the patience. And one such is kaspired. There's a story behind this picture - you see I had the privilege of meeting kaspired face to face back in April (along with a couple of the other denizens hereabouts) and we got to sharing stories and pictures of what we do when we're away from 'ramaland. I showed him a pic of my model train and within about 15 minutes he'd sketched this. A couple of months later and we have the finished version. It certainly looks like Leela found the “go fast” lever and is giving Fry the ride of a lifetime (probably not quite what he had in mind). How many characters can you spot in there?

Next up, a couple of Fan Fictions. The first is from Missy and it's a little piece of basic, sweet, post-series Fry/Leela fluff called Once Around.

The next one is from a new contributor who goes by the moniker of Strudol. Schlee's got a story called Robocalypse Now. This is part 1, so keep your eyes and search engines peeled for more to come, but meanwhile a deadly robot revolution has begun in New New York and has dire consequences for Fry, Leela, and the Planet Express crew.

And lastly for today, we get back to clearing things out with a new Fan Comic from Pieter Antonissen called Proctology of Interest. It seems Leela has lost a boot, and Amy may know where it is.
Future world problems
Posted on August 4, 2014 by Tim
I'm back finally. At least for a few days. I'm suffering severely from a bad case of Summeritis, compounded by too much vacation time, a serious first world problem to be sure. Anyway, it seems like they'll have those in the future too, and I know that 'cause I've got a couple of new Fan Fictions that say so. They're both by Robert Stewart who happens to be friends with and a coworker of Gulliver63, who did the cover art you see here. The art is for Robert's first story Yes, There are 2 Interns, in which PE gets not one but two new interns to replace the recently graduated Amy Wong. This may be fine for the company, but it's sure to cause problems for certain members of the crew. Robert's second tale is The End of Futurama - not a very promising title so be prepared for some pathos and passion, and music too.

And that's all I have time for tonight. I've got several more things that I hope to get put up before I head for the lake and the land the Internet forgot next weekend. So stay tuned.