Game Addons

The Sims

The skins below were made by Tim Andrews of tgaproductions.com; please make sure to pay a visit to his website. He's skinned Leela (generic hair; no ponytail), Fry and Professor Farnsworth.

The following skin was made by Daniel Brand. It's Leela with a ponytail.

The Sims 2

We also have several skins, models, objects and more for the second Sims game.

Neema Wae has several downloads for the game. She has a new Fry skin for you all to have everybody's favourite red-headed delivery boy in the game, and on top of that a Futurama Bed and a Futurama Build Mode pack, which contains the following: A "Futurama Fans" Wallpaper, "Futurama Cleanup" Linoleum, and "Almost Hay" Grass. She also has a Futurama Car and a Futurama Baby Changing Pack as well.

Officer 1BDI has also created something: Leela's famous Opera Dress from the series finale episode, and has also wanted the following noted:

This ZIP file only includes the dress texture file and not the 3rd party mesh. To be able to see and use this dress in Body Shop and The Sims 2, you MUST download Marko's Mermaid mesh (MESH_MarkosMermaid030405.package) from The Sims Resource.

Another Officer 1BDI creation is a Sims 2: Pets file that, when installed, will put a dog breed based on Seymour Asses into the game.

You must have The Sims 2: Pets expansion pack to download and play with this dog. The breed is labeled as "Sunshine Mutt" and can be found under the small dogs category.

Unreal Tournament

Sebastian (aka. S-Chan) has created two Unreal Tournament skins: the first one features Leela with her standard tanktop (available in several colors, the screenshot shows the red one) and the second one featuring Leela's green jacket.

Download Leela UT skin (normal) (99 KB)
Download Leela UT skin (jacket) (54 KB)

A Bender model has also been created by Slyrr for Unreal Tournament. This is an excellent model and comes with it's own voice pack. It is in UMOD form.

Download Bender UT model + voice pack (3.81 MB)

There are also voice packs for Unreal Tournament made by [ZDB]Stoerenfried for Leela, Professor Farnsworth, and Amy to download. There is also a Dr. Zoidberg voice pack for the game. No readme is included and no author is mentioned, but you can get it here by clicking below.

Download Leela UT voice pack (3.68 MB)
Download Farnsworth UT voice pack (2.41 MB)
Download Amy Wong UT voice pack (2.42 MB)
Download Zoidberg UT voice pack (2.32 MB)

Unreal Tournament 2003

Slyrr has converted and revamped his popular Bender model from the original Unreal Tournament over to it's sequel. Includes new animations and a voice pack, this is an excellent model. Take note that Bender's door even opens and he now has a cigar.

Download Bender UT2003 model (6.06MB)

Note: This model requires version 2225 of UT2003 to work, otherwise the game will crash when Bender dies. The file you need is called 'ut2003-winpatch2225.exe' and if you do a search online you'll find it at many different locations.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Slyrr has again upgraded Bender model, now fully compatible with Unreal Tournament 2004 and including team colours. Now Bender can fully interact with the newest versions' new vehicles and weapons.

Download Bender UT2004 model (6.09MB)

Scott "Crash7" Crank has also created a Leela model for the 2004 version of the game, with skinning help from popular Futurama fan-artist FemJesse. Includes team colours, new animations and a voice pack, this is a fantastic model.

Download Leela UT2004 Model (3.88 MB)

If you're missing the Fry model for Unreal Tournament 2004, then you've come to the right place. Scott "Crash7" Crank has again come up trumps for those of you who want to add Futurama to your game by making a Fry model. He wasn't alone in this task, because he got some help from the great fan artist FemJesse, who adds her artistic touch. So, now you can be in control of Fry while he blows the hell out of things!

Download the file below. It is compressed using WinRAR, which you'll need to extract it (if shareware's not for you, they do have the free UnRAR to unpack RAR files).

Fry UT2004 model (5.5MB)

Alternative download location (7MB single ZIP file)

Quake 3 Arena

This model was made by John "Ronin" Fisher from the {TRIAD} online gaming clan. I noticed that it wasn't downloadable from FilePlanet anymore, so I've put it here. I don't have the Readme, tough. You can still read the review at Polycount.

Download md3-leela.pk3 (1.64 MB)

Quake 3 Arena: Leela Bot

This bot by Sebastian is to be used together with the model above, so you won't have to use the "Force Character" mode; it includes all-new Leela taunts.

Download q3aleelabot.zip (6 KB)

Half Life

This model was made by Willy Pete. The Readme file is included, so just download and read.

Download halflife.zip (322 KB)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

This model for Activision's THPS3 was made by Sebastian. Readme file included.

Download leelaskater.zip (65 KB)

Grand Theft Auto 3

Phil has created a Bender model for the PC version of the third game in the Grand Theft Auto series. Instructions are within, and it's a little more complicated to sort out than most games, so be wary of the methods and make sure to back up the files in question. Instructions are in both English and German.

Download : bendergta3.zip (85 KB)

Grand Theft Auto New New York (for GTA Vice City only)

Futurama_Freak1 has come up with the goods! He's created a Futurama themed mod for the popular game Grand Theft Auto Vice City, which puts the GTA game in the realms of New New York. Yes, now you can thieve and cause destructive mayhem in the name of Futurama. Woo-hoo! Remember, though, that this mod is only for GTA Vice City and the instuctions for modding the game are contained within the rar file. Please remember that before trying to download this 66MB file that's not hosted on our own server, because it's only for GTA Vice City. Got that? Good! Oh, I also should say that this mod is a beta, so if you don't want to experiment with something that might be buggy, then don't install. If, however, you're fine with that sort of thing, then feel free to mod away. When the final version comes about, then this link should be changed and this warning removed. Any complaints about getting the mod should be directed to Futurama_Freak1-MOD, as well as any praise or ideas. Enjoy!

Download : Gta_Nny_Beta_1.rar (66 MB)
You can also visit the mod's own dedicated site to download the file, as well as get further information and news about the mod.

Planet Express Ship addon for Flight Simulator 2004

From Thomas Lebel comes an addon to Flight Simulator 2004 which allows you to fly the Planet Express ship. It's a zip file, so download it, unzip it with your favorite unzipper tool, and find the readme.txt and installation.txt files - they contain notes and installation instructions.

Download: FlightSim2K4_PE_spaceship.zip (11.7 mb)

GTA Vice City Fry player model

Futurama_Freak1 has released a Fry player model for GTA Vice City. Installation instructions are included in the Zip file.

Download: fry_vc.zip (58k)

Galxy Wars - An arcade style Futurama game

SoylentOrange wrote this arcade style Futurama shoot-em-up. The campaigns haven't materialised yet, but there is a skirmish mode that's pretty entertaining.

How to install: There isn't an installer. Just unzip the file to some convenient location and create shortcut to the application.

How to play: The W,A,S, and D keys move the ship. A and D rotate, W provides forward thrust, and S reverse thrust. The turet laser follows the mouse pointer and the left mouse button fires. Press 'control' to fire a nuclear torpedo (Yes, apparently mushroom clouds can exist in space). 'M' changes the background music, and 'B' is a debug tool that I apparently forgot to turn off. It displays the boundaries of certain objects. Uhh, yeah, and don't press 'N'. It was supposed to pan the camera to the next bad guy, but there's a bug in there somewhere that sends the camera wandering off into never-never land until the universe encounters a runtime error.

If you get an error about a missing OCX file then you need some Visual Basic runtime support files that aren't part of the default Windows installation. You can download them from Microsoft here.

Download: GalaxyWars.zip (17.85 Mb)

GTA Vice City Futurama Character player models

Futurama_Freak1 has release a complete set of Futurama player models to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Players included are Fry, Leela, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, and Dr. Zoidberg. You can see what they look like on Freako's Fan Art page.

A preview video is available on YouTube.

Download: FuturamaModelsByFreako.rar (222K, WinRar archive file)
See installation instructions included in the archive file.