Chatroom details:

Server: irc.shadowfire.org | Channel: #Futurama

Some basic IRC commands:

/nick newname = change your nickname
    example: /nick some_guy

/me action = perform an action
    example: /me throws a dart at Kif.

/quit message = quit, with an optional message
    example: /quit So long, suckers!

/nickserv register password email@address = register your nickname (so no one else can use it)
    example: /nickserv register leelarocks nobody@yomama.com

/nickserv identify password = use your registered nickname
    example: /nickserv identify leelarocks

/list = list all channels

For help with /nickserv commands, type /nickserv help commands
For other sorts of help, ask the ops - we're the ones with the @s before our names :)