Claw Plaque

By Max Hodges & Scotty

Before we begin, let's explain Claw Plaque to you. It's a straight forward deathmatch held in the Claw Plaque Colosseum on Decapo 10. As in the show, each character in the match gets to choose their own weapon, the last one standing wins. Let the killing commence!

Match 1: Bender Vs Scruffy
Match 2: Professor Wormstrum Vs Mom
Match 3: Leela Vs Phnog
Match 4: Kif Vs LaBarbara
Match 5: Robot Santa Vs Cubert
Match 6: Morgan Proctor Vs Harold Zoid
Match 7: Fry's Mini-Droid Vs Parasite King
Match 8: Morbo Vs Elzar
Match 9: Nibbler Vs Guenther
Match 10: Zoidberg Vs Hermes
Match 11: Zapp Brannigan Vs Femputer
Match 12: Adlai Atkins Vs Philip J. Fry
Match 13: Professor Farnsworth Vs Bubblegum Tate
Match 14: Leela Vs Fry
Match 15: Lucy Liu Vs Beck
Match 16: Amy's Parents Vs Fry's Parents
Match 17: Gort Vs Max Vs Scotty
Match 18: Graham Vs Scotty
Match 19: H.G Blob Vs Miss Universe
Match 20: Robot Santa Vs Santa
Match 21: Fry, Leela and Bender Vs Teletubbies
Match 22: Hypnotoad Vs Scruffy
Match 23: Emperor Vs Fry
Match 24: Fry Vs Fry
Match 25: Mayor Poopenmeyer Vs Gorgax of Trisol (by Mofman)