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Below are the fifteen latest fics; click on the title to go directly to the fic or on the Author's name to go to a list of their work with a description of each fic.

Missy - Looped
Missy - A Beautiful Team
Ramon_51 and Flounder - He's Dead, Jim
Gulliver63 - The Morgan Chronicles III: A Lady and a Bureaucrat
MC - Three Days and Two Nights
ChurroTheKidRS - The Fryish Revolution
Gulliver63 - The Morgan Chronicles II: The Die is Cast
Ramon_51 - Run Silent, Run Deep
Missy - Learning Grateful
Spaceman130 - Searchers in the Dark
Dwayne Anderson - Space Ace Doofus, part 15
Gulliver63 - The Morgan Chronicles I: A Bureaucrat is Born
Dinkdrinker - A visit from Das Bender
Dinkdrinker - The Bride of Rodriguez
Dinkdrinker - Advent of the Mighty-Other

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My Muse
Season A - Episode 1: The Bleak Week, Season A - Episode 2: The Suit, Season A - Episode 3: The Lobsters and the Robuts
The Impressionable Mind, The Impressionable Mind II: Out-of-Body Experience, The Day the Future Stood in Doubt, The Groening Journals, The How of Fry
Robin Fry, What Lurks Beneath
Disaster on Dog Doo 5, Futurama Coronation Street, Dear Diary...
A Second Chance
Crash Course in Love, Precious Memories
Dead Man's Tale
It's A Wonderful Life, Hell Is Other Humans
Forbidden Journey
Metal Tomb Of Terror
Restrictions Apply
Green Hell
Guenther: A Question of Intellect
A Helping Hand, The Family Fry, Beat the Parents, My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding, I Dream of Leela, Wouldn't It Be Nice If...
The Running Manbot
Bad Dream
The Day Love Stole Leela
Rock And Rolls, Mom's Friendly Slaves, Futurama: The Soap Opera
Futurama: The Future Is Now. How Futurama uses the discourses and ideologies of science fiction to critique contemporary social issues.
Son of the Ashes, The Age of Capricorn, Red Sleigh Rising, Anthology of Interest III, Bender After Dark, The Garden of Forking Pasts, The Mute and the Norm
A Hole Lot of Trouble Going On, Boned to the Future
The Fryish Revolution
The Real Decoy, The Hero of Bot-any, A River With Currents, The Morning, Blame It On The Brain
A Red Letter Day (ver 2), Beneath A Chrome Sky, The First Day, Tranquility Lost
Fry the Road Warrior, A Slow Day at the Office, Breaking The Wall, Another Day at the Office
Fry's Feeling Hand
Futurama The Fifth Season - Episode 1: Angela, Futurama The Fifth Season - Episode 2: Deaf Like Me, Futurama The Fifth Season - Episode 3: Earthican Idiot, Futurama The Fifth Season - Episode 4: Pieces of Amy, Futurama The Fifth Season - Episode 5: Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You
Break Away, Risk It or Back Out, Safety First, Ticket To Your Heart, Countess de la Rocca drabble, Flexo and Angleyne drabble, Mrs. Mellinger drabble, Trisolian drabble
The Dimension
The Kroker Chronicles, The Fry Chronicles
The Dark Side of the DOOP
Final Journey
Background Noise
Bender's List, Freaky Fry Day, In Zoid We Trust, The Assassination of Richard Nixon's Head, I Have Heard The Mermaids Singiing, The Diving Bell and the Bitter Fry.
When Futurama Meets Starcraft
Nibbler's Xmas Bedtime Story; Xmas Eve at the Orphanarium; She's Having My Mutant; Valentines; The Mother of all Curses; Schlocktoberfest; Ain't Miss-bee-hiving; A Bad Case of the Zapp; 'Till Death Do Us Part: To Have and To Hold; 'Till Death Do Us Part: For Better, For Worse; 'Till Death Do Us Part: For Richer, For Poorer; 'Til Death Do Us Part: In Sickness and Health; 'Til Death Do Us Part: 'Til Death Do Us Part; 'Til Death Do Us Part: Not Even Death; Probability Improbable; U-J-B Fixes A Problem; Not Perfekt; Brick or Treat; Under the River and Though the Sewers; Are We There Yet?; A Kiss Under the Mistletoe; The Twelve Days of Xmas; Sadie Hawkins Day; Let Me Call You Sweat-Heart; Behind Closed Doors; Freedom Day; Fifty Shades of Foghat Grey; Fry's Fan Fic; ... And Life is Like a Song; Puritan's Prude; Nibbler's 'Dicken's' Of A Story; Oh, Xmas Tree; The Mighty-Other; Beauty Is Only Carapace Deep; All Gave Some ...; THANKSFERNOTHING; Foolish Weihnachten; 'Cheeper' by the Dozen; Advent of the Mighty-Other; The Bride of Rodriguez; A visit from Das Bender
So Long, Old Friends
Anthology of Disinterest 3.14
Jurassic Planet, The Terminator Mutant, The Leelaven, The Terminator Mutant 2: End-point Day, The Savager Mutant, What Happened to Fry, The Kiss That Worked, Starship Oil Crash, A Shy Fry, New Justice Teen Titans, A Nightmare In NNYC, Pool Party Shock, Summer Of Two Blonds, Nickelback-A-Rama, Nanotyrannus, Terminator Mutant 3: Takeover of Mutant Machines; Turangaraptor Chronicles, Futuramasaur, Terminator Mutant Liberation
Return From the Deep South, Partially Human, Beyond the Stock Market, Fatal Attractions, Just Slightly Ahead of Their Time, Terminator, The Scourge of Zapp Brannigan, I Wanna Play My Holophonor, Memories of Futurama, Man's Worst Nightmare, Which Witch is Which?, Hellfire Apocalypse, A Politically Correct Xmas Story, Time Compression, Everybody Dies!, I'm Just Happy to Be on TV, Beyond Reality, Passport to Peril, Just for Laughs, Futurama Outtakes, Blooper Reel Number Two, Wongfully Accused, The Sorrow of Being Kif Kroker, Synchronized Olympic Dorks, Too Smart For His Own Good, Deck the Halls with Boughs of Horror, The Time of the Great Giving, Ready, Set, Boom!, My Life, My Love, Blast from the Past, The Mountain Man, The Punishress, Quest For Deliverance, The One Free Man; Matters of Life And Death; Space Ace Doofus
The Way It Ends, About Time, Love Into Death, Know the Answer, A November Afternoon, A Second Chance, Something Completely Different, No Second Chances, The Real Fry, Paradox Lost
Back to the Futurama
Secrets Revealed, The Juicy Details, The Praying Leela
Whatever Happened to Aurora Fry?, Artificial Entities Resurrected
Against All Odds
Star Of The Century
A Red Lettter Day (ver 1); Leela and Fry's Journals; Leela's Choice; He's Dead, Jim (with Ramon_51)
Dear Fry; I'll Be Seeing You; Any One Else; The Reunion; The Odd Couple; My Ex and an Engagement Ring; Last Chance; The Wedding; Future Smart; Married ... with Bender; The Sting II - A “What-If?” scenario; Don't You (forget about me); The Surprise; Hold On; Savin' Me; Fry's Secret; At First Sight; Book of Secrets; A Danger Encrypted; Time Of Your Life; The Time Travel Factor; A Mark, A Mission, A Scar, A Brand; On the Shoulders of Giants; Second Chances; Knocked Up; Strangers In The Past; Castlerama; For Lovers Only; It's Always Sunny In New New York
Attack of the Fangirls; A Series of Strange Events; First Meetings All Around
Deja Vu, Just Another Fry and Leela Shippy, Proposal
Less Than Hero 2: Enter the Gulk, Leela is the One, Fry Another Day, Ironfinger Reloaded, Mom with a Vengeance, Jinx Full Throttle, I, Fry, am Spy, From Scam With Hate, JX Rise of the Jinx Revolution, You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only Once, The Bot with the Golden Chip, SpyOrama X: On His Robot Santa's Secret List, Michelle Strikes Back, It's a Wonderful Life, Fry, The Wong Move, I Wish I Were In Arlen, NNYPD No Clue, Anthology of Bender, The Stepford Leela, I Dream of Amy, SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis
Futurama - The Musical
Leela's New Love, Stranded
The Lost Friend
Time Runs Short, A Whole New World
The Futurama Fungineers Manifesto
The Early Years, The Stupid Gate
A Birthday Surprise
Oh My!
Space 1999
Going Insane 1 - Personality Blend, Going Insane 2 - No More Sandwiches, Going Insane 3 - All is Fair in Love and Leela, Going Insane 4 - Tying Up Loose Ends, Going Insane 5 - Lost Lovers in Space, Going Insane 6 - Children of the Gods, Going Insane 7 - Exodus, Going Insane 8 - Birth of a Power, Going Insane 9 - Roads Not Taken
The Dating Game, Single, Uptight Female
It Never Lasts, Why?, How Do You Know?; Penny For Your Thoughts; Bloodlust; You Know You're Obsessed With Futurama When...
A Different View, Parallel Lives - A Road Not Taken, Parallel Lives - Where I Belong
From The Past
Infinant Mischif
Spaceship, Race for Earth, Perfect Fry, Hard Halloween One, Return of Perfect Fry
The Last Turanga; Going Native; Planet of the Bureaucrats; Having Faith; Amy Wrong; Amy Wrong Two: The Universe of Evil; A Day at the Zoo; A Day at the Zoo II: Leela Unleashed; We're Just Super; While You Were Gone; Educating Neeta; Venturama; The Fire Priestess; The Replacements; Hop In and Drive; The Big Bang Law; A Day at the Mall; Come Together; Parabox Express; Apocalypse Futurama; Forbidden Fruit; Anthology of Interest 3; Be It Ever So Neutral; The Promised Land; To Serve Amy; The Morgan Proctor Interview; A Day at the Human Races; Domesday; Leela and the Genestalk Redux; Futurama Guy; Oh, To Be Young Again; Slurmworld; Zapp Brannigan: Home for the Holidays; Tweak; The Amazing Bureaucratic Voyage; Dollface; The Little Things in Life; The Morgan Chronicles; Zapp Brannigan and the Planet of Women; Little Things II: Empire of the Ants; Dream Jumpers; Tweak II: The Mutant Spring; Give Me Steam; The Morgan Chronicles I: A Bureaucrat is Born; The Morgan Chronicles II: The Die is Cast; The Morgan Chronicles III: A Lady and a Bureaucrat
Too Much of a Good Thing
Danger In Peace
Drag Fry to Hell: Bender's Inferno; Black Magic Woman; Jerkey Beef, Sub-Mission, You Don't Mess With Bender, Inferior Decorators; No Ostrich For Old Zoid; The Mad Doctor of Blood Planet; Custard! A Bar Rescue Story; Down By The Old Saw Mill; Justice Team 2 vs The Whale; Wrath of Jeremy; Open for Business
Yet Another Rip In The Space Time Contimuum, An Accidental Trip To The Pacific, The Great Universal War, Futurama/M*A*S*H Crossover, Back to the Galaxy of Terror, Phil, Honeymoon Interupted, Into The Wild Black Yonder, To Boldly Go
The Fry-Man Begins
Leela's Story, The Owl, A Beautiful Girl, The Beast With One Back (assuming you're human)
Blade Bender screen play draft
Fry-day Night Fever
The Silver Blade's Sweep
Perfumed By An Unseen Censor, Bearer Of Bad News, The ButterFry Effect, Of Mice and Mensans, Anthology of Interest 2.71828, A-typical Delivery
Fry's BFF, Tori's Birth
The Loss
The Amy Baby Blues
Fry Wars II: Return of Leela, Metal Gear Solid 3: Sons of Stupidity
Death Clock Countdown, Rush Moon
One Point; Pirates - Possibly From Space; Santa's Refugee
Weird Roommates
Futurama: Universe of Malice, The Chronotons of Fry-nia, A Past With No Future, NNYPD Blue
FUTURAMA: Episode AV0167868768: King of the World
The Best of Times and Worst of Times
There's Something About Amy, "The Fault, Dear Leela...", On a Wong and a Prayer, Secrets and Eyes: The Truth About Leela, Secrets and Eyes II: Reunion, Secrets and Eyes III: The One With All The Violence, Intern-al Affairs, Lookin' for Snu-Snu in all the Wrong Places, The Frychurian Candidate, Amy's Wedding, Catastrophe
Stranger In A Strange Land
Love at Long Last; Good And Bad Times; Future Apocalypse; The Disaster on Earth; Fry's Story; Random; Love's Complicated; The Ellen Show; Ben's Diary; Disasters Occurring
Misery Loves Company, Famous Last Words
Because You're Here
Changing Places
Flush Hour, Momarchy
No More Secrets
Genesis According to Futurama
Have You Seen My Kiffy, More Pizzazz
The Fry-borg, The Problem With Bender
Dandelion Wine, Three Little Worlds
Love, Lust and Leela
Lost Time, Tiempo Perdido
Untitled Leela Fan Fiction, Sex, Lies and Aliens, Two Guys, a Girl and a Robot's Apartment
The Fu-trix, The Ice Cold Building, Re-booted, A Stupid Proposal, Guardian Angel, Planet Express: The Final Story, Turanga Leela's Diary
Being Turanga Leela, A Mind of his Clone
The Fry-trix, Resident Leela, The Fry-trix: Rebooted
The Fry-trix Has You, The Fry-trix Still Has You
Ghost of Xmas Past, The Ties That Bind, Ten Years Gone, Meeting Of The Mind, Stygia, Amazing Grace; It's Moidah; The Day Off; Three Days and Two Nights
Green Fry
The Creation of Robo-Christmas
Delicious Surprise, Measured, How It Ends, In Practice, History Repeating, Bend or Bender, Cyclopes Mama Martian Mama, All Full Of Stars; The Ash Storm, The Blernsball Game, And Other Things; Date Night; FutureKid; Once Around; Learning Grateful; A Beautiful Team; Looped
Robo-Leela, New Year's Nightmare, The Future Is Now, Trick or Terror, Thanksgivin', Xmas 3003, New Year 3004, The New Captain, Heart Awareness, Robot Hell Rises (Seriously, It Does), Finale 3004, Follow that Bender, Future Foursome, The Full Circle
Yet Another Damn Futurama Outtake Reel
Last Shot, First Time, Error from the Year 2000
Broken Hearts Can Lead To Better Things
Delivery: Impossible, Flowers in the Window, More Than Us, Good Delivery to Die, Leela's Bracelet
Honey, I Shrunk the Lobster, Roberto Strikes Back
A New Friend
Special Delivery
Time and Punishment
Blast to the Past, The Fugitive, Revival of Project A.L.B.I.A., Roll the Credits
An Eye for an Eye
The Third Date Rule, Happily Ever After
Not Enough Time, After the Opera
Destiny's Child
Futurama/Star Wars Crossover
The What-If Machine Presents, Back to the Future Past, The Saphire Delivery Boy, A Very Bad Idea, Grudge Passion and Test Tubes,I Think There's Been A Misunderstanding Here ..., The Forgotten Diary, No Taco For Morbo, What Sleeps In Between, Bendizer Z and Mega-Zoidberg versus The Hydra
A Smoldering Fate; Barking Mad; Meeting the Simpsons
Unpreceeded Chronicles
Demons From the Past
Galactic Agent Gal; The Recruit; Double Jeopardy; Gladiatrix; These Mist Covered Mountains; Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover; Married With Children; The Leela Diaries; Your Cold, Cold Heart; Crazy; Prairie Rose; One's On The Way; Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover II - Bastogne; Run Silent, Run Deep; He's Dead, Jim (with Flounder)
The Ghost Of Shipping Future, The Pirates Of Cyberia
Fry's Destiny
Eight Hours to Earth, Learning Curve, Terminal Velocity, Event Horizon, Fault Line, Das Schiff, The Acid Test
Interlude, The Ride of a Lifetime, Ten Years After, The Evening, The Phone Call, In A Pig's Fry, Critical Mass, Michelle Shock, Fryscape; Collision Course
The End of Futurama; Yes, There are 2 Interns; Let's Fix Time
And a Hero Comes Along, Return to the Deep
Love in the Times of Slurm, Miscarriage of Justice
The Kroker Family
From Here To In Country
The Devil's Microphone is an Idol Comedy Thing, Fry and Leela's Happy Ending From Bender, Scare The Brick Out Of Bender, The True Happening After The Opera, A New Parallel Universe End to Parasites Lost, I Can Hear You, Last T-P-D Of The Benders, Anthology Of Interest Unknown Number, Universe Jumping Bender, After The Horizon, Luck Of The Stars, Denied Deliveries, Unbound From The Future, Good Old Rock-Paper-Scissors, The Prophecy with no Prophecy, Frozen Bark, Rush's Added Scenes, The Three Little Bending Units, Unfortold Story Of The Ramaness, The Future Looks Bleak, The Calm Before Anomaly's Beast Within Reveals Itself, Dawn Of The Tentacle, Luck With Them Old Stars, To Let Go Or Not To Let Go?; Fry's Fateful Choice; Jumping Through A Wormhole, Unforetold Story Of Thoughts, A Red Xmas Tale, The Why of Return, Misdeeds Of The Hot, Bender and the Beanstalk, Brick-O-Rama, Cornwood's Saviour, Bending Wars, Bend Em Up, Parasites Revealed, The Button of Boned, Beelzebot's Hands Are Idol Playthings, Watching Nothing, Foghat Grey Benders vs Golden Benders, Giant Carrots, Love's Labours Found In Space, A Bigger Ship, Looking Up at the Stars, Hot Problem, Meaty Love, Forever 'Rama, Awkward Meeting, Eye Problem, Going On A Bender, Rubbish Ball, Wingus' And Dingus' Fun, Killer Eye-Phone, A Loud Night, Shippy Ship, Impending Announcement, Rain of the Bending Units, Xmas in the Futurama, Baconated Grapefruit, Bent Down, Pink Love, The Robot In Red, Dogs for Rama, Lost Adventures of U-J-Bender, Home System, Home World, On The Way, War is the A-Word, Absent, Electric Mucous Ship, TV Time, Lost Adventures of U-J-Bender II, War Were Decalred, The Alphabet Futurama style, I like Beer, Unforgotten, Rama Guy, Blinding Flash of Light, Disturbing Advertisment, Electricity and Magenetism, Flashy Appearance; Bender's Bad Idea; Meeting In Destruction; The Chronicles of Universe Jumping Bender; Darkenss From The Light; Hermes Hatred; Humanity Reminder; Improbable Invention; LOTR rama; That Darn Fox; The Continuing Of The U-J-Bender Madness; The Forgotten Tales Of U-J-Bender; The Marvellous Misadventures Of U-J-Bender; The Yonder Times; Three Logical Flaws; TV and Video Games; U-J-Bender and God; A Shocking Time; That's One Lucky Fry; Needless Debate; The Eye Blinding Tales Of U-J-Bender; The Journey Home; The Multiverse Madness Continues With UJB; Weird Workplace; Who Else But Bender?; Forced Love Feelings; Bender's Good Food; Nosy U-J-Bender; Ramaing Down The O-Rama; Sleeping Drinky; Journey To Work; Mad-O-Rama; Rama Light; Trouble In Space; Round and Round Through Time; Aroo-O-Rama; Bender's Genie; Bender's Genie; Lotr Gets The Rama Again; Scruffy's Very Own Fan Fiction; Short Trip; Sparkly Shiny; U-J-Bender High Up A Mountain; The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth; Shiny Metal Fun; Angry Omicronians; The Katz's Fear; Armoured Fortress For Xmas; Whispering Among The Forgotten In The Screeching Winds; The Looming Terror; Rama's Bane; The Bane of All; A Lost Dusty Tale Of Yonder; Chicken; Darn Wormholes; Fry's Sacrifice; Hundreds Of Years Backwards; Insane; Leela Warrior; Questions In Space; Shiny Metal Trip; The End of All Bends, Smelling Zoidberg; In Spaceship Movie; A Whole Lotta Leelas; Fry The Fan Fiction Writer; Nature And Awkwardness All Around; Awkward World Of Nature; Killbots Vs Zombies; A Ship Traveling In Dark Space; Happy Footcups; Past Weird Happening; Pride Breaking; U-J-Benders Are Everywhere; Hair Drying; Futuremon; Overbending; Ramabrations; Slightly Delayed; World of Ramacraft; Caffinated Bacon; Space Cow-O-Rama; Good News on TV; Happy Working; Bendytubbies; Magical Shiny Land; Green Love; Rama of Doom; Universe Jumping Bender Forever; U-J-Bender Returns To Twilight; Questions of the Rama; Last Night's CCTV; Legion; Shiny-O-Rama; Bender's Shiny Adventure; Attack Of The Ponies; Brony-O-Rama; Interruptions Of Doom; Mass-O-Rama Ending Redo; The Shadow Of The Bieber; The Space Lobster Controversy; Annoying Visitor; Bane Of Nixon; Dreams Of The Rama; Fry Breakfast; Out Of Rushes; Ponies And U-J-Benders; Universe Jumping And Beyond; Yonder Visit; Harbinger Of Waffles; Parallel Anger; Farny's Doomsday Device; Rainbow Dash Fires Lightning At Bender; My Little Rama: Science Fiction Is Magic; Bender's Yonder Logic; Bender Wants Bender Waffles; Bending The Bank; The Day Equestria Was Bent; Farnybrations; Important Meeting; Ponyrama; U-J-Bender Vs Ponies; Farnsworth Wants Fry's Blood On Pancakes; Bender's Epic Adventure To Save The Universe; Rama Rangers; Zoidberg is Hungry; Scruffy's Manly Tears; Bricks; Drinking and Flying; Anonymous Omicronian; The Bending Tide; Do You Believe In Beer?; Heavy Ship; Cheeseburger Apocalypse; The Power of Beer; Attack of the Shipper; Manly Pops; Bender Wants Cake; Kill Bots; Final Message; Leela's Solution; The Looming Terror: Wrong Universe; Rama End; Bendanthrope
The Other, How Bender Snatched X-mas
Avending Angel
Over Her
Cornered, Broken Record
Stargate: Futurama
4ACV19: School of Hard Bolts
What Might Have Happened Next, The Other Side of Parasites, A Thousand Summers
The Poem, Leela's Rewind, X-Mas Accident, Project Fry, Mindless Attraction, On My Own, Rescue Me, Confession
Untold Adventures
Leela's Return, Fry's Return
Fry's Departure
The Fry Files
Haricuts, Teleporting, and Homicidal Snails; Darkness Surrounding, Darkness Prevailing
Leela's Quest
Leela's Affair, Lazarus
Falling Rain, Spilling Blood; Breaking Communications; Vengeance is Called Upon Thee; Nabbed!; Searchers in the Dark
Little Wonders, Just A Dream, Lost In New New York
All Rodents Lead To Home
The King and Fry, So Easy A Caveman Could Do It, Anthology of Interest III, Fry Of Why, More Less Than A Hero
Prelude: Paxlon
Alien vs Planet Express; Iron Starfighter
Oh Wait I Do Need You
Robocalypse Now
Risking it all
The Pregnancy, Zapp's Piratic Brother, The Wedding
Talora, The Leelazarus Effect, Disillusionment, Resident Leevil, Green Storm Rising
The Frylight Zone - Episode 1: Brain Spawn, The Frylight Zone - Episode 2: Triangle Squared, The Frylight Zone - Episode 3: The Oedipus Factor, The Frylight Zone - Episode 4: You Say You Want a Revolution?, The Frylight Zone - Episode 5: The Id Within Us, The Frylight Zone - Episode 6: She Came Back "Wong", The Frylight Zone - Episode 7: Of Legends and Psychos
My Life as a Futurama Character, My Life now In the Future
Something Sweet, And In This Corner, Shots Fired, Leela Lets Her Hair Down
Amy's Wedding
Mayor Flexo
How to Write a Shippy Futurama Fanfic
Astronomical Disaster, The Darkest One
Cold Diamonds, Delivery to Mobius, Up the Down Potion, Cult 55, Forrest Dumps, Sailing A-Weight, The Road to Fanzipar, SpaceCast Caper, Twilight Oil, It's Not Easy Being Zoidy, Bender Meets Wernzilla, Haunted Moon Yonder; Enter The Ninja; The Arachno-Spore Robot; Public Access Omicron; The Replacement Delivery Crew; Battle Frymn; New London Calling; Adventures of B.R. And The Nibb; Whoops! Zoid's An Indian!; The Great Rockford Scandal; Prison of Doomed Souls; Dead Noise; Tango In Paris; The Scruff-Session
Leela's Homeworld Alternate Ending
Treat Me Like You Did, Blasted Stars and Busted Engines, The Secrert Girlfriend
My Life vs Futurama
I Keeping It; Ghost From The Past
Zoidberg's Time To Shine
No More Fun and Games, No More Fun and Games 2, Funeral for a Friend, Leela Squared
Futurama Wars - Episode One: A New Smope, Anthology of Interest Zone, Fry to the Past
And Then There Was Two, Falling Away From The World
My Future Files: Testing is a Sitch (Abridged)
The Fry Family, The Kroker Clan, Come From The Future, Zoidberg's Love
From Bad, To Worse, To Perfect; Earthquake!; Beat The Ginger Day; Planet Express: Return of the Dreaded Ex; Planet Express: Hangover with Pictures
Dragonstore Cowgirls; Fear of a Dino Planet; Attack of the Zoidberg App; While The Cat's Away; Robot and The Eyeball; Do You Come From A Land Downunda?; You See The Circle; The Sunshine Dumpling Gang; The Cyclopian Ranger; When Ants Attack; Piss on the Hydrant; Strike Back
Fry-T Night, Futurama vs. Predator: The First Encounter
Chinasaur meets, not Bambi, but Fry or SuperFry!