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Fan Stuff / Re: Gulliver's Pimpline...
« Last post by Gulliver63 on August 17, 2017, 11:55:53 PM »
I originally did this years ago, and today I re-did this in Adobe Elements:

Good to hear that you play it too, Belizebot! Best mobile game since American Dad pinball!  It's like having the show back again!

How do you get to District Three?

Computer, Technology and Video Game Discussion / Re: YouTube
« Last post by Beilzebot on August 17, 2017, 05:22:39 PM »
Chillin w/ some Adult Swim throwback bumps
General Futurama Discussion / Re: Futurama : Worlds of Tomorrow (new mobile app)
« Last post by Beilzebot on August 17, 2017, 05:21:37 PM »
I'm addicted to it, ended up spending $15 to get my town going instead of grinding missions/levels for weeks :lol:
Fan Stuff / Re: "Morgan Chronicles: The Golden Years"
« Last post by Gulliver63 on August 17, 2017, 08:51:26 AM »
...the gang finds out that in spite of recent health problems, Morgan is still the "Tiger Woman."

On one of her Thursdays, Morgan was plowing through her usual mountain of paperwork when she heard a commotion nearby; Selina was having a heated discussion with a customer, an older Martian cowboy; he was actually an Earther, but had lived among the Martians long enough to thoroughly absorb their culture and language. Morgan was still getting around with a cane since the hospital visit, and made her way over to Selina's desk.
   The two quit their arguing long enough to see the older woman approach with her cane. She turned to Selina and told her, "I'll handle this, if you don't mind. If you would excuse us for a minute…" She then turned to the cowboy, and asked him if he spoke Martian.
   "Etee lequaa a-Aresa?"
   "Appa," he said, "yes."
   Not far away, Amy translated the Martian for Leela's benefit.
   Morgan continued to speak with him in Martian. "I grew up on Mars; I recognize your accent as being native to Tharsis. You probably ranch near the Seven Hills area.
   "You're very observant, Matron."
   "I'll get right to the point, as this isn't a social call. I've seen your file, buster, and you tried to slip a quick one on these people."
   "What do you mean?"
   "You tried to ship hazardous material without declaring it; that rates an extra charge. These people have made it clear that delivering said material rates an extra cost. It's not going to do any good screaming Martian obscenities at this young woman over your bill; I understood what you were saying to her, she didn’t. I wouldn’t have held in my hand what you had in your mouth, mister."
   "Who are you? You act like an auditor or something."
   Morgan Proctor held up her golden pinkie ring. "Do you know what this is? It's 24 carat gold, forged in the mines of Ganymede. Do you recognize the scales symbol on it?"
   He paused before answering. "It's the symbol of the Bureaucracy."
   "Do you know what it takes to earn one of these? Act like an auditor, hah. Mister, I orchestrated the Great Audit of 3006. I traveled nearly 4000 kilometers that week in a hovercopter to get to all the businesses I had to go to. I had to send a lot of people home with boxes during that week; a few I had to send to jail."
   "Look, lady..."
   She held up her hand. "Let me finish. This woman here is young, not very experienced, but she's a smart cookie and a darn good little accountant. She is more than willing to help you with any business needs you might have. But if you start verbally beating on her again, I will come over and crack your skull open with this cane. Got it, Bucko?"
   He looked nervously at the cane. "Appa, Matron." Living on Mars as long as he’d had, he was well aware of the wrath a single matron could inflict on a person...or a whole group of people.
   "Good. Now I'll go back to my auditing work." She then pointed to her ear. "And these do work, you know."
   "Appa, Matron."
   As Morgan walked out with her cane, the cowboy went back to concluding his business in a calm fashion with Selina.
   Morgan looked over at Leela. "I'm sorry about that - I know it was wrong to act that way. It was really none of my business."
   Leela grinned. "You stood up for my girl. I never thought you would stand up for someone like that, but you have today. I'm sure Selina appreciated it. Thanks."
   Amy chuckled. "My mom was right all those years ago; you are the Tiger Woman."
   "And proud of it," she added. She then squinted an eye at Amy. "How was my Martian? Rusty?"
   "It definitely got the point across."
   She let out a dry cackle of laughter as she made her way back to her desk with her cane. “I’ve still got it,” she told herself, “I’ve still got it.”
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