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Nonsense and Other Crap / Re: the RANDOMNESS topic
« Last post by KurtPikachu2001 on Today at 01:14:10 PM »
The castaways get Stephen Colbert???

It's Stay Puff Marshmallow Zapp!

The gang in Portland Maine!

I once wrote a fanfic where they all went to Maine......

What with this game being out.  You would think more people would talk about it.

Fan Stuff / Re: "The Nameless"
« Last post by Gulliver63 on October 21, 2017, 10:38:47 AM »
...Seth reflects on another painful memory from his past, one that shows us how important a name is to a cyclops...

Seth had found his way back into the wilderness, where he always felt more at home than around others. His mind again floated back to a particularly disturbing memory, one he had not thought of in years. It took place not long after the big fight in the school. This time it was a fight between Koss and himself. This time the stakes were higher, as Koss had brought along a small sharan-jii spear. Seth had managed to dodge the metal spear tip, but had been struck with the weighted end of the weapon. By the time Tolor had pulled Koss off of him, he was already crumpled in a heap in a corner of the compound. Tolor threw his son up against a wall in a blind rage. He gave Koss a look of horror and confusion that Seth never forgot.
   “In the name of the Elder Gods, what in the hell are you doing?” he shouted. “Explain to me…what are you doing?”
   Koss shouted back, as if trying to plead his case. “I don’t like him! He is an invader! I am a cyclops warrior…Kry’leb the Conqueror would put this humani to death!”
   A look of sadness washed across the father’s face as his tone softened. “Kry’leb? I teach you to be proud, strong warriors. To do that I have taught you of the bravery of Kry’leb. I also teach you from the scrolls of the Lawgiver. Do you see this as law? To murder? To kill an unarmed boy? Is this what the Lawgiver would have you do? To kill a child left in the wilderness? Why do you think the scrolls were brought to us in the first place in the Age of Chaos?” Tolor began to relax as his rage started to wane further. He sat down next to Koss, who was still shaking. “I don’t know why this young man has come to us, but I know the Hosts of Heaven would want us to do our best to protect him.” For several years after that, Tolor tried to keep the two of them separate, even though they lived under the same roof. And, all these years later, that invisible wall between them still existed. Was it possible, if just for his own political interests, that he could begin to be civil towards him? Should he accept Koss’ offer, or just disappear into the safety of the wilderness? He had thought that it wouldn’t be beyond Koss to extract some sort of revenge now that his father was gone...but he was able to protect himself. And it would be fun to show up the stepbrothers out in the wilderness.
General Futurama Discussion / Re: Futurama : Worlds of Tomorrow (new mobile app)
« Last post by Marloc on October 21, 2017, 04:26:49 AM »
If only I can get URL. 
Same. I have all the things I needed for URL and the Robot Gypsy, and I can't unlock either of them.

Mom as Queen Moon Butterfly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
Nonsense and Other Crap / Re: the RANDOMNESS topic
« Last post by genericEric on October 20, 2017, 01:56:05 AM »
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