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Board Rules (please read)
« on: May 11, 2006, 08:34:55 PM »
No harassing members

OK, forums tend to be places where things can get heated, and arguments can even happen with the most placid of members occasionally, but there is no need for any member to overtly harass or intimidate another member. Please refrain from doing so, otherwise your stay here might be short.

Keep swearing to what's said in the show

Please restrict swearing and curse words to those that are in the show. The basic rule is that if it's said in the show, then it can be freely said here. What we don't want on this board are the really crude swearwords, such as the F-word, C-word and such. If such words are used, you will be warned and the post censored. Continuous flouting of this rule will result in more serious action being taken, such as bans. Milder swearwords, such as "s**t", will only be tolerated if used sparingly and within reason. We rather you'd try to express yourself in a more imaginative way than to resort to swearing.

Signature pictures

Although we accept members having signature pictures, we do ask them to keep them to a height that doesn't end up disrupting the flow of posts on the board. Sig pics are to be no more than 150 pixels high. Any sig pic that is above this will either be altered or removed. The width of such pictures isn't as much of an issue, but we do ask that even that's kept within reason (like avoiding horizontal scrollbars, etc). Sig pics mustn't contain anything that's pornographic or extremely offensive. To help you in resizing pictures, below is the code needed to resize an image on this board.

Code: [Select]
[img width=x height=y]url to picture[/img]
x and y being the amount in pixels.

Offensive pictures

This board won't tolerate any forms of explicit pornography being shown or linked to. This applies not just to signature pictures, as mentioned above, but avatars and general pictures. If the picture is deemed pornographic, then this might result in an immediate ban. However, if you have a tasteful nude picture, done with artistic intent (and this will have to be its intent), then please ask a moderator before showing or linking to it. Once a moderator agrees with the picture being able to be shown or linked to on the board, you'll be asked to also add a warning in the post and/or the topic heading.

Search for topics before you start a topic

You've got something you really want the board to read. You're bursting to post your thoughts. But, hold on, have you checked to see if the topic already exists? No? Well, please use the board's search facility to see if what you want to write about hasn't already been covered. Once you're reasonably satisfied that no topic exists, then start a new topic.

Double posting

Please don't post a stream of unbroken posts when one post would have done. If you have to post two things, then edit the initial post you created and use the quote feature if necessary in order to express any further thoughts you have. The only exceptions to this are {1} if your initial post was quite a while ago (a week at least), so double-posting would at least alert members that there is something new to add; and {2} fan fiction if your chapter exceeds the character limit for a single post.


Firstly, let's be sure what is meant by spamming. Spamming is when you turn up to our board and advertise some site that's just there to make you money or gain and has nothing to do with the subject of the board. We're fine if you want to broadcast to the world that you have a new Futurama board/site, or a board/site for any other TV show, bands, sports teams, etc, we even are happy for tech sites/boards and the such (all within reason, though... no need to constantly advertise the site/board till we get bored of you), but we won't tolerate sites/boards that are there to make financial gain and have nothing whatsoever to do with the general nature of this board. Spammers will be shot on sight. Actually, we'll be lenient and just ban you immediately.

Excessive pointless posts and one word posts

We expect that when a member posts, that they have something that's worth adding. We really don't want posting for the sake of it just to get a high post rank. Nor do we really want one-word posts or a post that just contains a smiley. Try to add something if you're going to post.

Keeping on-topic

Nothing can be more irritating than someone dragging a topic off its course. Well, OK, noisy neighbours and finger nails scratching chalk boards might be exceptions, but nothing else is more annoying. See how annoying that last sentence was? So, we ask our members not to unduly drag a topic off its course, because it's quite rude and defeats the purpose of the topic. If you want to talk random stuff, then feel free to go to our Nonsense and Other Crap section of the board, where you can do anything within reason. Obviously, we can all go off-topic on a board, and a minimal amount of that is tolerated, but constant going off-topic isn't something that's appreciated, so please don't do it.


Plagiarism is "the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work".  Please only upload work that's your own. If you must use components of other people's work in your story, only do so if you have their prior permission to do so and you acknowledge their contributions within your work. Don't pass off anything that's not your own creation. If this happens, the work will be removed and the topic locked, with the moderator/admin deciding how to call you up on it, which might be quite embarrassing for all concerned, particularly the one who plagiarised. It's far better to show something that's your own, even if it's deemed by yourself to be not that good in quality, than claim that you did someone else's work. There's far more respect in showing what you actually did rather than what someone else did.

No begging to be a moderator

Don't call us, we'll call you. That sentence sums up exactly what's required about this subject. One thing that's not liked here is people begging to become a moderator. In fact, by asking, it makes it less likely that you'll become one. If we need moderators, then we're perfectly capable ourselves in seeking them out. We'll judge people by their attitudes and abilities, rather than how loud they can shout. ;)

Complaints about moderation

OK, admins and moderators aren't perfect and make mistakes. I mean, it was a mistake to create this board in the first place, but now that it's here... ;) Anyway, if you feel aggrieved about an action that an admin or moderator has done, then feel free to PM an admin for clarification (particularly the sorry one called Graham). We're all human - except Bender - and we all can make mistakes - unlike Bender. However, if an admin or moderator asks you to refrain from doing something, don't continue doing what you're doing until you've received a reply back from the admin, just wait for an answer first. Also, don't abuse this for every trivial thing, because it might just end like the "cry wolf" story. ;)

Rule changes

We reserve the right to change the rules as we go. Yeah, life sucks, but we have to run this board. ;)

The most important thing: please enjoy yourself here. :)

Edit: 22/12/2006

The following new rules have been added to the forum

Only one account per member

One account per member should be more then enough. There are certain circumstances in which an additional account may be permitted, but these would be decided on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, those who create multiple accounts will be sent a PM asking them which one they wish to keep, the other accounts will then be locked.

No linking to sites that host the episodes

Legal and ethical issues aside, seeing that the DVDs are available, there's simply no need to host the episodes online. It is also counter productive for the show. So don't bother posting links to these sites here, as said links have a habit of mysteriously disappearing as soon as a moderator spots them. ;)

No bugging people for personal details

Some people are willing to give out details, such as their name, age, DOB, etc, on the internet, some aren't. If someone does not wish to disclose their details then you should respect their decision and not constantly bug them for their details. Besides being extremely rude, it can cause people to feel intimidated. People who flout this rule may find their stay here cut short.

No backseat moderating

It's the job of the moderators/admins to enforce the forum rules, not yours. We're also the only ones with the necessary powers to enforce said rules. We are still (technically) human though, and may from time to time miss a few things, so if you spot someone breaking the rules, either PM a moderator or admin. If it's something really serious though (someone posting spam/porn, etc) then use the "Report to moderator" button. Having said that though, don't abuse this for every little thing, because that'll just annoy us. Basically what we're trying to say is, let us take care of the dirty work, you just sit back and enjoy the ride. :mellow:

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