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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (Please Read)
« on: January 21, 2007, 01:44:45 PM »
FMMB FAQ. Version 1.2.18
Last updated: 23 November 2012

Are you a New member? Not sure how the forum works? Or maybe you're just an established member with a question or two. Well either way, before you post asking your question please take a moment to read this list of Frequently Asked Questions as you may find the answer you're seeking here.

Who Owns Futurama Madhouse?

The site is currently jointly owned by Graham and LeandroTLZ.

Does This Forum Have Any Rules?

Yes, the forum does have rules. They can be found here.

I've Seen Members Using the Phrases "FMMB", "FM/TLZ", "CGEF" and "PEEL", What Do They Mean?

They are abbreviations for websites. We generally use them because we can't be bothered to spell out the sites name.

FMMB stands for "Futurama Madhouse Message Board". When we use this abbreviation, we are referring to the forum.  This FAQ thread you are reading now is part of FMMB.
FM/TLZ stands for Futurama Madhouse/The Leela Zone. It refers to the main site,  formerly called The Leela Zone, or TLZ for short.  For more info on the name change, please see the About this site page.
CGEF stands for Can't Get Enough Futurama.  It is another very popular long running Futurama fan site. It a great site so check it out if you haven't already.
PEEL stands for the Planet Express Employee Lounge and, along with FMMB, is one of the few remaining forums that were created soon after Futurama first started in 1999. PEEL is the forum for CGEF .

What are Board Moderators, Senior Moderators and Admins?

Board Moderators are users who moderate the forum. They have the power to edit, lock, merge, move, make sticky, or delete threads and posts.

Senior Moderators are similar to Moderators, except they also have some additional powers such as the ability to trace IP address and ban troublesome members.

Admins are the Gods of the forum. They have the all of the powers a Board Mod or Senior Mod has plus many more.  >:D

Who are the Current Board Moderators, Senior Moderators and Admins?

The current list of Mods and Admins is as follows.

Board Moderators
Marloc Clownface

Senior Moderators
Ramon 51


How Do You Become a Moderator? Can I Be One?

To quote Graham-

You have to pull the sword out of the stone. Or is it scone? Some scones can end up like stones*

* - The real answer is that the admins, possibly with the help of other moderators, will decide on who seems to be moderator material and who isn't, and one thing that they look at is that the member hasn't asked to become a moderator.

There are other factors that we consider as well; Quality of posts, maturity, etc. However, if someone has previously asked to become a moderator, that typically crushes their chances like a green snake under a sugarcane truck. ;) Oh, and before you ask; No, we do not operate under a "loans for moderators" scheme :P

I've Noticed Some Members Have Things Like "Buggalo Farmer", "MomCorp Stockholder" and "Osiris 4 Priest" etc, By Their Name... What Does All This Mean?

Those are a member's rank. Their rank is an indication of how many posts a member has made. As their post count rises, so does their rank.

This is the current rank system we use-

Buggalo Farmer: 0-4
Insane Drunken Robot: 5+
MomCorp Stockholder: 90+
Whale Oil Tycoon: 700+
Osiris 4 Priest: 3500+
President of Earth: 7000+

NB: The above values given for each rank are only approximations. They are not the exact values. The exact values may be prone to change at any time.

I've Also Noticed That Most Members Have Stars Under Their Name, Why is This?

The stars are an extension to the rank system. The number and color of the stars under a member's name being dependent on their rank. This is the current system we use-

Standard Users:

Buggalo Farmer: No Stars
Insane Drunken Robot: 1 Gold Star
MomCorp Stockholder: 2 Gold Star
Whale Oil Tycoon: 3 Gold Star
Osiris 4 Priest: 4 Gold Star
President of Earth: 5 Gold Star

Board Mods:
3 green stars in the sections they cover. Regular stars for sections they don't cover

Senior Mods:
4 blue stars

5 orange stars

NB: It was previously believed that the star system was dependent on a person's number of posts. However upon further inspection one of our members, Michael, found this was not the case, and put us right. Thanks for that Michael! Keep up the good work! ;)

Is it Possible For Me to Post Fanfics/Art/Comics, etc on This Site? If so, How do I do so?

Yes, it is possible to do this. One of our former Moderators created a thread in the fan stuff section that explains how to do so quite well. It can be found here.  Another good resource is the How to Submit Stuff page on the main site.

I Have Created an Account Here Recently But Have Not Yet Received My Activation mail. Why is This and What Should I do?

There are a few things that may be preventing you from receiving your activation e-mail. Your email provider may have identified it as spam and blocked it. You may want to check your spam folder to see if it is in there. To prevent this from happening you might want to add the futurama madhouse domain (* to your contacts.

In the past some email service providers, most notably hotmail, have had trouble receiving the activation email. If you think this may be the case, then contact either one of the Senior Moderators or Admins. They can then activate your account manually.

Another possible explanation is that you may have mistyped your email address. If you think this may be the case, then contact either one of the Senior Moderators or Admins. They can then activate your account manually. When you log in you should then correct any mistakes in your email address to prevent any further problems.

It could also be the case that the servers are sluggish and your email is just taking longer then normal to arrive.  If your confirmation e-mail doesn't arrive withing 48 hours then contact a Senior Mod or Admin or just create a new account. If you chose the latter then please an Admin know so that they can delete the unnecessary account.

I have an account I created during the last ice age but can't remember the password. What Should I Do?

First, please don't just create a new account.   Try the lost password feature first.  Click the LOGIN button and at the bottom of the login box in teeny tiny little letters it says forgot your password?.  Click on this and follow the instructions.  If that doesn't work, e-mail one of the admins.

I have the "Hide e-mail address from the public" box checked in my profile, but my e-mail still shows up. What Should I Do?

Don't panic.  You can still see your e-mail but the rest of the world can't (except for Administrators, but you don't have to worry about them because they're a trustworthy bunch).

I Have Spotted Another Forum Member Breaking the Forum Rules. What Should I Do?

Firstly, please do NOT challenge them as this would be considered "Backseat Moderating" (see the Rules). If it is something minor such as a few users getting carried away and going off topic or someone double posting, this will most likely get noticed by a moderator when they log in next. They will then deal with the matter as they see fit.

If it is something more serious, such as one member harassing another then you should either use the "report to moderator button", this will send an email to the moderators of that section, and to all the Senior Mods and Admins alerting them of the situation. Please remember to include a brief description of the problem. Alternatively, if a Moderator or Admin happens to be online at the time, then PM them explaining the problem, and providing a link to the thread or post in question.

If it is something very serious (someone posting commercial spam or pornography), then you should ALWAYS use the "Report to Moderator" button. If a Senior Moderator or Admin is online at the time, then PM them as well explaining the problem, and providing a link to the thread or post in question.

I want to edit a post I made but I can't find the Modify button.  I could have sworn it was there yesterday.

It probably was.  You have 24 hours to modify a post, after that, it is no longer user editable (note that some forums only give you 15 minutes so we feel we're being generous).  A moderator or admin can edit it for you if you have a good reason.

I Have Question That Was Not Covered in This FAQ. Where Should I Post it?

If your question is a general question about the forum or main site. The best place to post would be in our Questions & Answers thread.
If your question is about moderators or admins, then please post in our Moderator Questions thread.

I Think I've Found a Problem with either FMMB or FM:TLZ. Who Should I Contact?

If you think you've found a problem or error with either the forum forum or the main site, please report it in The "Report a problem" Thread.

I Think I've Found a Mistake in the FAQ; Who Should I Contact?

If the information given here is incorrect or out of date please PM or e-mail an Administrator or  Senior Moderator explaining what you believe the problem is. We will then look into it and make any necessary corrections.

Thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ, we hope you have found the information useful. :)
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