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Re: Your Futurama Collection
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I was devastated when I heard that Futurama was being taken off of Netflix. They hardly have any Blu-ray's  available on Amazon so I rushed out and Got Benders Game and plan to get Into The Wild Green Yonder because those are the only FOX produced ones you can get online and Netflix is only getting rid of the FOX produced ones. but I popped on the first episode the Pilot, Space Pilot 3000 DVD and It looks no worse on my X-Box on my HD TV then on HD Netflix, The X-Box is a Blu-ray player. I also Put on my Benders Big Score DVD and it looks better then expected the anamorphic ratio looks like it fits the entire screen It really looks pretty good! I am in no rush to replace my DVD Collection and I have the entire series on DVD. All that being said does anyone know where I can find the entire series on Blu-ray? eventually I would like to upgrade.