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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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This fanfic is a job well done.  Fantastic thrill ride.  Everything in this is pure gold!

Cool and very fun to read.

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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The following fanfic is a re-edited version of my older fanfic "Searchers in the Dark".  It's based on the 8th mission in Vampire Rain's bonus mode.  Here's the first part.

Searchers in the Dark (Bonus Version)
By Spaceman130

Fry, Leela, and Hermes lowered themselves rung by rung down an iron ladder leading to the sewers of New New York.  Hermes led the trio's descent, followed closely by Leela in the middle, and Fry right above her.

   "At least this is not Jacob's Ladder!" Hermes said.

   As Fry climbed down the ladder, he twisted his face in disgust.  A wave of nausea rolled over him as the foul stench of the sewage below invaded his nostrils.  The deeper he went, the stronger the odor came on.  He held his breath and tried to breathe in the stink as little as he could.

   "What I wouldn't do for some Pepto or some Alka-Seltzer," he muttered.

   This was Fry's first time going into the sewers this night.  He hoped it would be safer in the sewer than on the surface, where nightwalkers lurked.

   The sewer system contained an exit that led out in front of Edward van Dyke's lair.  Fry and his team would need to find this exit if they were to accomplish their ultimate goal of destroying Edward, the prime walker who ruled over New New York.

   If they could defeat Edward, then all of New New York would be purged of nightwalkers, and the threat to the city's human population would be over.

   As he lowered himself deeper underground, Fry heard a thud emanate from below him.

   "Oh no!  Harrison Ford lies beneath!" he cried.

   Looking down, Fry realized the sound was just Hermes landing on the sewer floor.  He breathed a sigh of relief.

   Fry saw that he was very close to the sewer level.  He watched Leela let go of the rungs she was holding on to and drop down next to Hermes.  She moved out from underneath Fry so that he could land safely on the floor.

   Fry moved down on the ladder until he could feel no more rungs with his feet.  He then released his grip on the ladder and landed facefirst with a thud on the sewer floor next to Leela and Hermes.

   Groaning in pain, Fry climbed to his feet, then took a brief moment to look around and examine his surroundings.  He and his teammates stood on one side of a dimly lit, circular sewer tunnel.  A flowing river of murky green sewage separated the two narrow concrete walkways on either side of the tunnel.  Glancing to his right, Fry saw a wall of vertical iron bars spread across the tunnel like the bars of a prison cell.  Beyond the bars, it was nearly pitch black.

   Fry turned back just in time to watch Leela leap gracefully over the sewage and land in a crouching position on the walkway on the other side of the tunnel.  It was an impressive jump, given the distance between the two walkways.  Leela stood up and drew her assault rifle.

   Hermes pulled out his assault rifle as well.  "Follow me, mon," he instructed his two teammates.  "We'll be on those nightwalkers like stoners on 420!"

   Hermes began to run ahead into the tunnel, with Leela following behind him.  They kept their assault rifles pointed ahead of them as they ran.

   Fry followed his two teammates through the sewer tunnel.  They ran forward until they reached a sharp right turn in the tunnel.  They then turned right and kept going until Hermes stopped at a corner.

   Fry jogged toward Hermes, his boots pounding against the concrete floor.  As Fry neared him, Hermes turned his head to face Fry and raised a finger over pursed lips in a silent order for Fry to be quiet.  Fry obediently slowed his pace to a crawl and carefully made his way over to Hermes.

   When he finally reached Hermes, Fry crouched down and peered around the corner to see what his teammates were pointing their weapons at.

   The hall led out into the underground city that the sewer mutants built and inhabited.  A sign hung from the ceiling of the sewer tunnel.  It read:

Knee-Deep in Pride

   "Those nightwalkers better keep away from my family!" Leela said threateningly.

   At the other end of the hall was a row of ramshackle houses.  In front of one of the houses, two of the sewer's residents, Dwayne and Raoul, were engaged in a conversation.  Dwayne was a very tall, lanky mutant with two noses and a huge, bulging forehead.  Raoul had a third arm in place of his right ear and a number of strange growths.

   Fry watched Hermes activate his necrovision and study the two mutants for a moment to determine whether or not they were nightwalkers.

   Hermes turned to his teammates and spoke up in a whisper.  "Sweet milk chocolate bars of Qatar!  Nightwalkers confirmed," he said.  "Since we're underground, I don't think it'll be a problem if we make some noise."

   Fry and Leela nodded in understanding.

   Hermes pulled a firearm from his belt and handed it to Fry.  "Fry, use this."

   Fry took the weapon from Hermes's hands and examined it.  It was a pump-action shotgun with a single barrel.  Fry was very familiar with the weapon; he had used it to survive in several missions before.

   "It's fully loaded.  Take these, too," Hermes said, giving Fry a handful of extra shotgun shells.  Fry took the shells and pocketed them.

   "See those two nightwalkers?" Hermes asked.  "Fry, you'll open fire on them first.  Turanga and I will back you up if you get in trouble.  Got it?"

   Fry nodded his head.  "Okay, I see."

   "Don't say 'I see', say 'Yes sir'!" Leela ordered Fry.

   "Yes, sir," Fry replied reluctantly.

   The three soldiers continued to watch Dwayne and Raoul converse for a few more moments.  Eventually, Raoul waved good-bye to Dwayne with his third arm.  Both mutants then parted in opposite directions.  Dwayne disappeared around a corner to the left and Raoul walked to the right in front of the team.

   "Now's your chance.  Go!" Hermes whispered to Fry urgently.

   Fry climbed to his feet.  Lifting the shotgun, he aimed it straight ahead at Raoul and made his way quietly over to him, taking care not to alert him with noise.  He knew he had to get close to Raoul due to the shotgun's short range.

   As Fry approached the mutant, he felt a pang of guilt as he realized what he was about to do.  He felt awful about going to kill Raoul.  He knew that despite their hideous appearances, most of the mutants were harmless, decent beings that didn't deserve the fate he was about to deliver to them.

   But Fry also knew that many of the mutants had been transformed into fanged killing machines as a result of being attacked by nightwalkers, and they had to be destroyed in order to keep the population safe.

   Fry was now several feet away from Raoul.  Raoul stopped and stared straight ahead, unaware that there was a shotgun pointed at his right side.

   Sorry, Raoul, Fry thought with sympathy as he held the heavy weapon up.  But it's time for you to go.

   Standing a few feet away from Raoul, Fry lined the mutant up in the shotgun's sights and squeezed the trigger.

   The shotgun discharged with a loud bang that echoed off the sewer walls.

   Raoul uttered a cry of pain as the pellets struck him in his side.  He collapsed onto the wooden boardwalk and melted into a steaming puddle of acid.

   Fry was about to turn to the right and proceed further into the sewer when he heard noise coming from around the corner ahead of him.

   Fry froze and listened hard.  They sounded like rapid, angry footsteps — and they were headed right for him.

   Fry gulped.  He felt his heart begin to pound.

   Fry looked over at the corner — and saw Dwayne emerge from around it in nightwalker form.

   He heard me, Fry realized.  He heard me fire the shotgun.

   Dwayne caught sight of Fry and froze for a moment.  He stared at him hungrily through monstrous green eyes.  A gob of saliva dripped from one of his fangs and spattered onto the wooden walkway.

   Seeing what he was about to face off against, Fry uttered a short, fearful whimper.

   Dwayne outstretched his long, skinny arms, dropped down into the waist-deep sewage, and began to charge Fry.

   Fry aimed his shotgun down at Dwayne and pulled the trigger.

   The gun didn't fire.

   I forgot to cock it! Fry realized.

   As Fry struggled to pull back the pump to load another round into the chamber, Leela and Hermes unloaded their assault rifles on Dwayne, rapidly shooting bullet after bullet into his body.  The shots hardly seemed to affect Dwayne, as he ran straight through the sewage without flinching despite being hit by about a dozen rounds.

   Fry stepped back as Dwayne neared him.

   Dwayne leaped from the sewage onto the concrete walkway Fry and Hermes stood on.

   "Eat lead!" Hermes shouted at Dwayne, firing more rounds at him.

   Finally, Fry was able to cock the shotgun.  "Yes!  It's Saturday night and I don't have a date!  Shooting some nightwalkers now!  Let's roll!"

   As Dwayne quickly stormed toward Fry, he realized he had a chance to finish him off.

   Standing next to Hermes, Fry pointed his now loaded shotgun at Dwayne and pulled the trigger.

   The blast finished off Dwayne.  Uttering an inhuman scream of pain, Dwayne dropped limply onto his back and stopped moving.  He then melted into a puddle of acid like Raoul had.

   Staring down at the acid puddle forming at his feet, Fry let out a "Phew!" of relief and pretended to wipe sweat off his forehead.

   "Good job, team," Hermes congratulated the three of them.  "Let's keep moving."

   The three soldiers reloaded their weapons.  Hermes and Leela finished before Fry did, and they left him behind as they turned right at the junction.

   When Fry finished reloading his shotgun, he looked to the left and saw that past the corner was a wall of iron bars; a dead end.

   On the walkway to the left, Fry spied a shotgun sitting in the corner.  However, the weapon sat just past the corpses of two mutants lying on the walkway.

   Fry began to walk toward the shotgun.  As he approached it, he was able to identify the two mutants that had been killed.  One of them was Leg Mutant, a mutant that was literally just a leg with a face that wore a fedora.  He lay facedown in a puddle of blood, his hat sitting next to him.  The other mutant was Vyolet, who had gills, a pig's nose, and an amphibious look.  She lay on her back.

   Poor guys, Fry thought sadly.

   Fry slowed his pace as he got closer to the corpses.  Even though he had seen plenty of them so far this night, he still felt sick looking at them or being anywhere near them. 

   Fry felt his stomach churn as he stared down at the bodies.  The sight of Leg Mutant and Vyolet lying there dead made him feel disgusted as well as depressed.

   Fry stopped for a moment.  He tried to reassure himself that they were just corpses and they couldn't hurt him.

   Regaining his courage, Fry began to step gingerly toward the two dead mutants.  He took a few steps forward.  He was only a foot away from Leg Mutant's body when he heard a sound that sent chills up his spine.

   Fry recognized the sound as the dry breathing of a nightwalker.  To his horror, it sounded loud and near.

   Where is it coming from? Fry thought anxiously.

   Fry whipped his head to face the source of the noise.  He looked ahead at Vyolet's body — and saw to his horror that it was moving on its own.

To be continued...

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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So great to see you write fanfics again!   You did an outstanding job with this one.  Good for you!

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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This is the next part of Searchers in the Dark (Bonus Version).

   Fry froze in fear.  He held his breath and didn't move a muscle as he watched Vyolet awaken from her eternal slumber, an expression of wide-eyed, open-mouthed horror on his face.

   Vyolet planted her feet on the walkway.  She lifted her back off the ground, her body posed in the shape of an arch.  Then, in one swift movement, she jerked her upper body upward and stood upright, her elbows and knees bent and her back hunched slightly.

   Fry studied Vyolet from behind for a moment, taking note of her very pale green skin, unusual posture, and heavy, monstrous breathing.  He then knew he was in a very dangerous situation.

   He was standing only a few feet away from a nightwalker.

   From that distance, if he made even the slightest noise, he would alert Vyolet to his presence and become her first meal.

   Better keep my mouth shut, Fry thought to himself.

   As quietly as he could, Fry raised his shotgun, pointing its barrel away from the ground and up towards Vyolet's back.  Knowing he could get killed if he wasn't careful made him tense.  His hands shook as he aimed the gun at her, causing the end of the barrel to waver a bit.

   Fry now had the barrel of the gun aimed at Vyolet's back.  He figured that he was so close to her, his shot would be lethal even if it wasn't perfectly centered.

   Fry placed a trembling finger on the trigger.  His finger shook so hard that it caused him to pull the trigger earlier than he expected.

   The sudden discharge startled Fry and made him cry out in surprise.

   Fortunately, the shot was close enough and accurate enough that it destroyed Vyolet.  She let out a brief death scream before falling facedown and melting into a puddle of acid.

   Fry stood in stunned silence for a few moments, then exhaled in relief.

   Even now it was hard for him to believe he was surviving the nightwalkers.

   Fry stepped carefully around Leg Mutant and the acid puddle and moved towards the shotgun lying on the ground.

   When he reached the shotgun, he picked it up and opened it to take its ammo.  He found that it contained five shells.

   Fry loaded one of the shells into his own shotgun, and kept the other four in his ammo holder.

   Now he had to figure out which way to go in order to catch up with his teammates.

   Fry decided to jump across the sewage river to the wooden boardwalk on the other side.  He made an attempt to leap to the other side, but he came up short and fell into the sewage with a loud splash.

   "Oh snap!" Fry exclaimed.  The thick, brownish-green river was waist-deep, and his boots and fatigues were now soaked with the disgusting sludge.  His failed jump reminded him of when he used to play Mega Man 2.

   Fry pulled himself up onto the wooden walkway and climbed to his feet.  He was on the left side of a long tunnel that curved left at the very end.  The side he was on was lined with ugly ramshackle houses typical of a neighborhood in Sewer City.

   Fry checked his radar to locate his teammates.  According to the reading, Leela and Hermes were stationed in an area not far ahead.  All he had to do was go to the end of the tunnel, turn left, and then he would find them.

   Fry made his way down the tunnel, jogging past several of the houses.  He had made it a little more than halfway down when he saw something that made his heart sink.

To be continued...

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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Loved it!  Good to see you back in action!  Wonder what's up next for our heroes!

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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Searchers in the Dark (Bonus Version) continues...

   "Oh, no," Fry murmured as he stared at the Turangas' house.

   The house's large front window had been smashed open.  There was a huge, human-sized hole in the pane of glass.

   Fry walked up to the broken window and peered through it into the living room.  The floor was littered with jagged shards of broken glass.

   A feeling of dismay swept over Fry as he realized what had happened.

   Someone — or most likely something — had smashed through the window and broken into the Turangas' house.

   Fry listened for any signs of life coming from inside the house.  Except for the trickling sounds being made by the sewage river, it was dead silent.

   "Morris?  Munda?" Fry called into the house, praying either of Leela's parents would reply.

   There was no answer.

   Feeling perturbed, Fry backed fearfully away from the house.  He had no doubt that something terrible had happened to Leela's parents.

   As Fry continued to step backwards, another saddening thought crossed his mind.

   Leela passed by her parents' house when she left me behind.  She had to have seen what happened, too.

   She must be feeling beyond horrible right now...

   Lost in his distressed thoughts, Fry didn't realize he was backing right into the sewage river until it was too late.

   "Whoa!" he cried out as his foot touched air.  He lost his balance and toppled backwards into the filthy sludge.

   Fry made a resounding splash as he hit the sewage river.  He sank nearly down to his neck before feeling the bottom with his feet and standing up.

   "Ugh, not again!" Fry complained.  His body was drenched with the stinking sewage.  The foul stench emanating from the sludge made him retch.  "Now I need to shower with Zest to get fully clean!" he added.

   Struggling not to vomit, Fry waded through the murky soup and climbed back onto the wooden walkway he had fallen off of.  Sewage dripped from his arms and legs onto the planks.  He squeezed his sleeves and fatigues, trying to wring the sewage out.  He then took off and jogged past the few remaining houses on the block.

   Fry turned left and was glad to see that his teammates were standing nearby.  Hermes was stationed at the end of the walkway Fry was on, while Leela was positioned on the other side.  Both of them were turned to the right, and they had their assault rifles pointed ahead of them as if they were preparing for an enemy attack.

   Hermes lowered his weapon and turned to face Fry when he heard him approaching.  "Sweet ginghams of Birmingham!  Where in blazes were you, mon?  Why didn't you follow us?" he demanded angrily.  He eyed Fry up and down for a moment, then added, "And what were you doing wallowing in the sewage?"

   Fry shifted his eyes from Hermes's face to Leela's.  Both of them were glaring at him.

   Fry could feel his face growing hot.  Embarrassed, he looked down at his boots for a moment and then back up at the annoyed expression on Hermes's face.

   "Uhhh —" Fry started to say.

   "Quiet!" Hermes suddenly ordered in a harsh whisper, cutting Fry off.  There was a slight hint of fear in his voice, and his countenance was no longer angry, but rather worried.  "Listen," he continued, the fear in his voice more apparent this time.

   Fry listened hard.  A chill ran down his back as he heard what sounded like the dry breathing of nightwalkers.  The breathing sounded distant and seemed to be coming from the sewer entrance he and his teammates had used.

   "Hear that?" Hermes asked.

   Fry and Leela both nodded.

   "They must have come from the surface," Leela said.

   Fry, Leela, and Hermes listened to the breathing of the creatures.  As seconds passed, the breathing sounded louder and nearer.  In addition to the breathing, they heard the rapid, pounding footsteps of the nightwalkers as they came closer and closer.

   "Let's run for it!" Fry cried, his voice stricken with panic.

   "No!" Hermes argued.  He jumped into the sewage, waded over to a wooden walkway on the other side, then climbed onto it.  After getting up on his feet, he raised his assault rifle and trained it back down the tunnel they had come through.  "We'll take them on right here."

   Fry and Leela turned around and raised their weapons in preparation for the attack.

   Fry's heart raced as the breathing and footsteps became even louder and closer in proximity.  He watched the end of the tunnel intently, waiting to catch the nightwalkers in his sights.
   Fry heard the footsteps pound around the corner — and then one of the creatures leaped out from behind the wall and turned toward him.

To be continued...

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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Very outstanding and we'll written!

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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This is the next part of Searchers in the Dark (Bonus Version).  I have two more parts planned and then it'll be done.

   It only took Fry a split second to recognize the nightwalker.  It was a man in his thirties wearing a blue-gray uniform with black boots.  He had short, thinning black hair and cold, cruel eyes that always seemed to burn into whoever he looked at.

   Fry glared at Walt, the oldest of Mom's sons, and tightened his grip on his shotgun.  He thought of all the hell that Mom and her sons had put Planet Express through over the years.  He was deathly afraid of Walt's new form, but at the same time he felt glad that he now had a chance to punish him with the weapon he held in his hands.

   Walt shot an angry, purely evil expression at Fry.  He bared his fangs, then charged at him, his clawed fingers outstretched.

   Afraid, Fry winced and took a step back.

   Hermes and Leela opened fire on Walt, spraying him with bullets.  He uttered an inhuman cry of pain as the bullets struck him.  However, he didn't slow down one bit as he closed in on Fry, despite being hit by ten rounds.

   It only took Walt about two seconds to get within four feet of Fry.  At that distance, Fry could smell Walt's cloying nightwalker body odor through the stench of the sewer.  He almost gagged.

   Gritting his teeth, Fry pointed his shotgun at Walt's chest and pulled the trigger from three feet away.

   Walt let out an inhuman death scream as the blast struck him.  He fell onto his back and his body melted into acid.

   Fry whooped in triumph.

   "It's just been revoked!" Hermes exclaimed.

   Leela rolled her eye at Hermes's line.  "You've been watching Lethal Weapon movies with Bender again, haven't you?" she asked in a disapproving tone.

   Immediately after Walt's death, another nightwalker came running along the walkway across from Fry.  It jumped into the sewage and charged Fry.

   As Hermes and Leela shot at the creature, Fry recognized it as Walt's younger brother Larry.  He was the most normal of the three siblings in terms of appearance and character, with light brown hair and a shy personality.

   Now, though, Larry looked anything but ordinary.  He glared at Fry through hateful, monstrous green eyes as he rushed toward him with outstretched claws, eager to rip him apart.

   Fry aimed his shotgun down and kept it trained on Larry as he stormed through the sewage below him on his left side.  The thick sewage and the bullets being rapidly fired into his body just barely slowed him down.

   Fry gulped as Larry quickly closed the distance between the two of them.

   When Fry was certain that Larry was close enough for a lethal shot, he fired his shotgun at him.

   The blast instantly killed Larry.  He let out an inhuman cry of pain, then collapsed and sank into the sewage.

   Fry still heard breathing coming from nearby.  He backed up several steps, anticipating another attack.

   Sure enough, a third nightwalker burst out.  It was Igner, the youngest and least intelligent of Mom's sons.  He was nearly bald, with only a small bit of reddish hair on his head.  His most noticeable and unusual feature was his eyes, which were diverged.

   Hermes and Leela shot at Igner relentlessly as he jumped into the sewage, then leaped onto the walkway that Fry was standing on.

   Fry expected Igner to come barreling towards him just like his brothers had done.

   Instead of targeting Fry, Igner went after Leela, who was standing closer to him on the other side.  He jumped into the sewage again and began to rush toward her.

   "Eat my bullets, freakazoid!" Leela cried, stepping backwards on the walkway while shooting Igner.

   Seeing that Leela was in danger, Fry instinctively ran toward Igner.  He hoped to get close enough to shoot him with his shotgun, as that particular weapon was most effective at short range.

   Before Fry could get close, Igner collapsed and died in the sewage.  In four seconds of constant shooting, Hermes and Leela had shot about fifteen rounds into his body, just enough to kill him.

   The three soldiers stood with their weapons ready in case any additional nightwalkers came.  After listening for a few moments, it was evident from the silence that there were no more coming.

   "Good job!" Hermes congratulated his teammates.  "That takes care of those clowns."

   "Too bad Mom didn't come and join them," Leela said darkly.

   Hermes and Leela removed the empty magazines from their assault rifles and reloaded them with full ones.  Fry followed suit, loading two more shells into his shotgun.

   When Fry was finished, he looked up from his weapon to see Hermes and Leela running ahead of him.

   He thought about what had happened the last time they became separated and was determined not to let it happen again.

   Fry turned and tried to jump across the gap between the two walkways.  This time, he landed successfully on the other side.

   Hermes stopped just ahead of Fry, turned left, and pointed his assault rifle down a block.  On the other side, Leela did the same.

   Fry ran up to Hermes, turned left, and looked down the block.  There was nothing but dry cleaners on either side.

   Fry started to jog down the block.  He took a few steps — and then gasped when a large, burly figure suddenly leaped out from behind the corner of the block.

To be continued...

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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Nice dialogue in this fanfic!  It has me in stitches!  What's coming next?

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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Searchers in the Dark (Bonus Version) continues.  One more part after this and then it'll be done.

   It was Moose, a big jock-type mutant with antlers and a pig's nose.  Fry knew him from experience; he and Leela had raced air boats against Moose and his girlfriend Mandy the time they were reverted back to teenagers.

   Moose turned and spotted Fry.  Immediately upon sighting him, he charged him like a bull.  He ran with his clawed fingers outstretched and his mouth agape, revealing razor-sharp fangs.

   Fry only had a few seconds to react as Moose sped toward him.  He raised his shotgun, pointed the muzzle at Moose's chest, and fired right when he was at point-blank range.

   The blast killed Moose instantly, sending him sprawling lifelessly onto the walkway.

   "That was close!" Fry exclaimed.  "He was like a rabid Bullwinkle!"

   At the sound of his death scream, another nightwalker ran out on the walkway on the other side.  It was Mandy, a mutated teenage girl with scaly skin and snail eyes.  She jumped into the sewage river and charged at Fry.

   "Hey, Mandy!  The Grim Reaper won't be helping you this time!" Fry called to his attacker.

   Fry quickly cocked his shotgun and aimed it down at Mandy as she ran.  Before she could leap onto the ledge, he pulled the trigger.

   The blast struck Mandy in the chest and killed her.  Letting out a death scream, she fell backward and sank into the sewage.

   Fry cocked his shotgun again, aimed it down the block, and waited for more nightwalkers.  The only sound he could hear was his heart pounding from the battle.

   "Good work, Fry!" Hermes exclaimed.  "Maybe you're competent after all!"

   "You think!  After all the times you thought I was lazy and worthless?!" Fry cried.

   Hermes pushed Fry.  "This is no time for an ego trip, mon!" he snapped.

   Leela checked her radar.  "We're almost at the sewer exit," she reported.

   "Thank God," Fry sighed.  He couldn't wait to get out of the sewer.  The city surface was also populated with nightwalkers, but at least it didn't smell nearly as awful.

   Fry followed behind Leela and Hermes as they continued their trek through the sewer system.

   Turning the corner, the trio found themselves in a long hallway with various shops lining either side of it.  To Fry's relief, there were no mutants in sight, despite this being one of Sewer City's busier areas.

   Fry, Leela, and Hermes all traveled on the right side of the hall, with Leela leading the way.  They passed a Bed Bath & Beneath, Bob's Big Mutant Boy, and a Starbucks with a broken window.  Leela raised a hand, motioning for the crew to stop.  Fry and Hermes followed her direction.

   Leela peered around the corner, then looked back at her teammates.  She then motioned her hand forward to indicate that the coast was clear and that they could proceed.

   Turning past the Starbucks, the three soldiers found themselves at an intersection where they could go either left or right.

   Hermes stopped and looked at his radar.  "The sewer exit should be to the left," he said.

   Fry and his teammates turned left and soon found themselves facing a wall of iron bars.  On the left side of the wall was an open door.

   Fry saw that a ladder leading up to the surface of New New York was nearby in a hallway just past the bars.

   "All right!" Fry exclaimed.  "Let's get out of here!"

   Before he could move, Leela loudly whispered "Wait!"

   Fry spun around to face Leela and saw that she was staring far down the block.  Turning again, he saw that at the end of the block were three men talking among themselves.  One was short and chubby, with enormous ears.  Another was tall and thin, with an enormous mouth.  The third man was gray-haired and balding.

   "Dad?" Leela asked.

   At the sound of Leela's voice, the three men turned to face Fry and his teammates; the big-eared man first and the big-mouthed man second.  When the third man turned, he revealed that he had one large cyclopean eye.

   "Mr. Turanga!" Fry called across the hall, his voice full of happiness and relief.  "Are you o —"

   Fry cut his sentence short when he saw the men begin to transform.  He looked on in horror as their skin became deathly pale, the whites of their eyes turned green, and sharp claws burst from their fingertips.

   "No!  It can't be!" Leela cried in horror.

   As Fry watched Morris and his friends transform, the horrible reality of the situation set in.

   Nightwalkers had broken into the Turangas' house and attacked them.  As a result, Morris was doomed to live the rest of his life as one of these bloodsucking creatures.

   What made the situation even more heartbreaking was that Fry now had to kill Leela's father in order to survive.

   For a moment, the three mutated men, now nightwalkers, glared at Fry and his teammates.  Their expressions were a mixture of intense anger and hunger.  Morris opened his sideways mouth, exposing long, sharp fangs.

   Then they charged.

To be continued...

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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All right!  Cool!  Mastered the art of the impossible here!  Very excellent job!

Well written, fun references, all the ingredients to make a great fanfic!

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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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Wow. Great story!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I look forward to reading more. :wannaeat:
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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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Here's the ending to Searchers in the Dark (Bonus Version).  Once again a very big thanks to Kurt for all his help and support.

   "Open fire!  Now!" Hermes barked.

   The huge-eared man charged first, jumping into the sewage and darting at the three soldiers.  As he tore through the sludge, Hermes and Leela sprayed him with bullets.  He hardly slowed down despite being struck by eight rounds and having ears the size of his head.  It took him only five seconds to get close to the team.  He leaped up onto the ledge that Fry and Hermes were standing on.

   Fry stepped back and stood next to Hermes with his shotgun at the ready.

   Hermes shot the huge-eared walker four times in rapid succession and finished him off.  He fell back onto the walkway with a groan and melted into acid.

   The huge-mouthed man had begun charging only moments after his friend had.  He was now less than halfway down the block on the other side.

   Hermes and Leela aimed their assault rifles at him and fired away, pumping round after round into his body.

   The huge-mouthed walker jumped into the sewage, then sprang up on the ledge next to his dead friend.  Hermes and Leela shot him a few more times and took him out before he could get any further.  He collapsed next to the acid puddle, then began to turn into one himself.

   Fry looked down and noticed that Morris had made it almost all the way to the team without being shot.  He quickly looked at Leela and saw that she was reloading her assault rifle with a full magazine, having emptied it on the two nightwalkers.

   Fry hoped that Hermes had enough bullets left to take out Morris; he didn't want to be the one to kill Leela's father.

   If I kill Morris, Leela will never speak to me again, Fry thought sadly.

   Hermes shot Morris with three bullets as he bounded onto the ledge — and then stopped to reload his gun, as he had also emptied it.

   At that moment, Fry realized that it was now up to him to save himself and his team.  He trained the barrel of his gun on Morris.

   Morris suddenly flew at Fry with a burst of extreme speed.  He came at him so startlingly fast that he didn't have time to pull the trigger until the very last moment — the moment before he would have been ripped to shreds.

   The blast from Fry's shotgun hit Morris dead on.  He let out an inhuman death scream and fell back lifelessly onto the walkway.

   Fry watched Morris's body melt into acid.  As he did, he felt a pang of sorrow knowing that Leela would never see her father again.

   "Guess this is for the best," Leela murmured sadly.

   Fry heard the dry breathing of nightwalkers again.  Upon hearing the sound, he quickly looked up from the acid puddle to see a mutant in nightwalker form fly out with a superhuman leap at the end of the block.  The mutant was a male with ten eyes circling around his head.  He sighted the soldiers, then charged at them furiously.

   Hermes and Leela opened fire on the ten-eyed man.  Fry frantically grabbed three shells and loaded them into his shotgun.  He then stood with it readily aimed in case the mutant got close to him.

   "Not gonna be nobody's dinner tonight!" Fry vowed.

   As the ten-eyed man closed in on the soldiers, another mutant nightwalker leaped out behind him.  He was short and fat, with a big, bulging bloodshot eye next to a normal-sized one.  He jumped into the sewage and stormed at the team.

   Working together, Hermes and Leela managed to kill the ten-eyed mutant right as he jumped onto the walkway that Fry was standing on.  They then pointed their guns at the other mutant and began firing away.

   As they shot him relentlessly, a third mutant nightwalker sprang out and joined the battle.  He had two pupils in both eyes and two toes on each foot.  He barreled down the walkway toward the team.

   The mutant with the swollen eye made it only as far as his ten-eyed friend when Hermes and Leela shot him to death.

   That left only the mutant with two pupils in each eye.  He bounded onto the walkway that Fry and Hermes were standing on.

   Hermes crouched and started to reload his empty assault rifle.  "Sweet cargos of Chicago!" he exclaimed.  "He's coming right for you, Fry!"

   Leela shot the mutant several times as he charged at Fry.  He only made it a few feet before Fry finished him off with a blast from his shotgun.

   The attack was now over, to Fry's relief.

   "Good job, everyone," Hermes remarked.  "Now we can get out of here."

   Fry, Leela, and Hermes turned back toward the open doorway.  They all went through it and crossed a wooden board that had been set up as a makeshift bridge between the two ledges on either side of the tunnel.  Leela was the first to make it to the ladder.  She jumped up and grabbed the lowest rung with both hands, and started to climb it.  Hermes and Fry followed after her.

   As he climbed, Fry felt several different emotions at once.  He was thankful to be getting out of the sewer and not having to put up with any more of the stenches, the sewage, or the residents trying to kill him and suck his blood.

   However, he couldn't help but feel horribly sad for Leela, knowing that she had lost her father (and likely her mother) to the nightwalkers.

   In addition, he was also terribly worried, because he knew that when he got back to the surface, there'd be more nightwalkers he'd have to deal with before he could get into Edward's lair and terminate him.  The only way to end the nightwalker threat once and for all was by defeating Edward, the prime walker.

   As he reached the surface, Fry heard Leela push the manhole cover aside at the top.  Rain poured into the open hole and showered onto them.  The drops felt cool on Fry's skin.

   Leela climbed to her feet on the surface, followed by Hermes.

   "I sure can go for my secret stash for celebration," Hermes said.

   "You can celebrate if you want," Leela replied in a glum tone.  "For now I just want to mourn for the parents I've looked so hard to find."

   Fry was the last of the three to climb out onto the road outside of Edward's lair.   As he smelled the sweet, fresh surface air, he wondered how many more horrors he'd have to face before his mission was over.
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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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        The blast from Fry's shotgun hit Morris dead on.  He let out an inhuman death scream and fell back lifelessly onto the walkway.

   Fry watched Morris's body melt into acid.  As he did, he felt a pang of sorrow knowing that Leela would never see her father again.

   "Guess this is for the best," Leela murmured sadly.

Leela was more contrite when Nibbler was flushed down the toilet. In any case, it was an interesting story.
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Re: Spaceman130 fan fiction
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All right!  Another fanfic under your belt!  Very cool!  Thanks for using my suggestions too!