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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #210 on: January 14, 2017, 04:24:05 AM »
After the costume contest which Ryvul wins by the way as Scorpion, Hermes is bullied by a Kotal Kahn cosplayer.  This works because Kotal Kahn, like Hermes is also played by Phil LaMarr.

Hermes: Sweet Kahn of Iran!!

(Kotal Kahn grabs Hermes by his underwear)

Kotal Kahn: You dare cross me Earthrealmer!?  Gimme your manwich money!!

(Hermes digs into his pockets and gives Kotal Kahn five dollars)

Kotal Kahn: I'll take the manwich too!

(Kotal Kahn snatches Hermes' manwich from his other pocket, drops Hermes and walks off eating the manwich)


Kotal Kahn: Mmmm!  You Earthrealmers make good manwiches!  (tosses the manwich aside)  I'll try your bigger and jucier manwich.

(Kotal Kahn grabs Hermes and eats his costume)

Hermes: That's not a manwich!  That's my costume!! HELP!! KOTAL KAHN IS EATING ME!!!

(the whole comic con laughs)

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #211 on: January 14, 2017, 07:34:01 PM »
Love how you were able to pick a character who's voice was done by the same voice artist!

Hermes is very territorial with his Manwichs!  Will Hermes power up and fight back?

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #212 on: January 14, 2017, 11:02:23 PM »
And why not?  Jake the dog got a cameo and he's played by John DiMaggio.  Hermes would have no chance against Kotal Kahn but in this episode he does get back at Barbados Slim.

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #213 on: January 15, 2017, 02:30:57 AM »
That is a cool concept!  To have a character make a cameo appearance from another cartoon who's voice is the same on Futurama.

Hope you can continue this fanfic!

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #214 on: March 01, 2017, 01:13:18 AM »
First episode idea for Cyber Knights of Goldstone.

Cyber Knights of Goldstone vs the Elementrons!!

Only the fight's for real!  The three actors, Calculon, Bender and Ryvul are still in costume when they have an unexpected encounter with the Elementrons.

Calculon: Great Robin Williams' ghost!  What are these bizarre cyborgs!?

Gnuvu: We are the Elementrons!  I am Gnuvu, they are Vylo, Syznek and Cynos!

Syznek:  We've always hated your show Calculon!!

Cynos: We're here to take you off the air!!

Bender: No one kills Calky!!

Calculon: Nay!  I've died twice already.  There's no way I'm getting killed a third time.

Gnuvu: Tell me Calculon.  Is your gold armor enough to withstand (forms a giant boulder) SEVERE IMPACT!!?

Gnuvu hurls the boulder at Calculon.

Calculon: OOOPH!!!

Gnuvu's boulder rolls Calculon flat.

Bender: You can't do that to my Calky!!

Bender charges at Cynos punching him, missing each time.

Cynos: It's not like you can punch air!  Here's a little something uplifting!!

Cynos shoots an upward gust beneath Bender blasting him in mid air stranding him.

Cynos: You're in for a WINDFALLING EXPERIENCE!!

Cynos forces the gust downward slamming Bender to the ground; Bender screams on his way down.

Vylo approaches Ryvul

Ryvul: You've always been a tall drink of water Vylo!

Vylo doubles in size and muscle mass.

Vylo: I fully accept the compliment.  Ever see Blue Crush!!?

Vylo slams his fist towards Ryvul; Ryvul side rolls dodging Vylo's fist slam.

Syznek turns his attention towards Fry; Fry's eyes enlarge with fear.

Syznek: I'll give you a new reason why your name is.... Phillip J. FRY!!!

Fry: Wait!  I'm not even involved!

Syznek blasts a fiery stream in Fry's direction; Fry runs off away from the stream;

Bender: No one does that to my friend!!

Bender tackles Syznek pinning him down.

Bender: Not so hot now are you Syznek!?

Bender pummels Syznek's face until Syznek grabs Bender and increases his flames scorching Bender who screams.

Syznek: Hot enough for you now!!?


Ryvul runs up and kicks Syznek

Bender: Ryvul!  You've beaten these guys before haven't you?

Ryvul: And we can do it again!  Keep your heads in the game!

Bender: Hey Calky.  Have your movies ever been this exciting?

Calculon: Nay.  My main genre was drama.  Your friend Ryvul's genre must be action!

Bender: If their deadly powers don't kill us, their corny puns will!

Ryvul: Puns can't do physical damage!

Syznek continues his pursuit of Fry who is cowering in the corner.

Syznek: I finally get to fry.... PHILLIP J FRY!!!

Ryvul fills an inflatable pool with water from a hose;

Ryvul: Bender, help me push this pool towards Syznek!!

Bender joins Ryvul and rushes the pool in Syznek's direction hitting his calves, tripping him, causing him to fall backwards into the water and becomes extinguished.

Bender notices a loose noose hanging.

Bender: Say, isn't this the loose noose that killed Calky?

Bender pulls on it and rubble collapses crushing Vylo splashing him into several puddles.

Calculon: Now it's the loose noose that crushed Vylo.

Bender notices a vacuum. 

Bender: I've always wondered if vacuums work on wind elementals.

Bender takes the vacuum and uses it on Cynos.


Cynos screams as he is helplessly sucked into Bender's vacuum.

Gnuvu grabs Calculon and slams him against the wall.

Gnuvu: I've always hated your show Calculon, and I hate YOU even MORE!!!

Calculon: What are you gonna do, kill me?  It's not the first time.

Gnuvu: But THIS will be the FINAL time!!!

Bender: Hey GNUVU!!! 

Gnuvu turns his attention to Bender.

Bender: I am Calculon's biggest fan!  And here's YOUR biggest fan!!

Ryvul and Bender unveil a colossal sized fan and turn it to full throttle.

Gnuvu: MAN!!  THIS.... BLOWS!!!

Gnuvu screams as he is flung against the wall and splattered into a muddy stain.

Ryvul: Bender, you've defeated the Elementrons!

Fry: And saved my ass from being fried by a fire demon!

Calculon: Bender, I've always thought you were a crazed fan, but now I see that you truly are one of the greatest heroes in all of history.

Bender: YES!! Oh Bender is Great!!


Fry: Never thought I'd see Calculon chanting with Bender on his song Bender is Great.

Ryvul: Me neither.

Leela: You did good out there Ryvul.  Let's let Bender and Calculon revel in their victory a little while longer.

Bender and Calculon: BENDER IS GREAT!!  BEEENDER IS GREAT!!!

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #215 on: March 01, 2017, 02:46:28 PM »
Wow!  What an epic fight!  It would be like Fry to cower in the corner!  Laughed when Calculon said he wasn't dying a third time.

It's cool to put more characters whether fan made or from another franchise in Futurama fanfics! 

Please write the second part soon!   Whenever you can only if you'd like to.  Get an account on Archive of Our Own

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #216 on: March 19, 2017, 09:44:29 PM »
The Making of Dentz

Zapp and his team try to surprise their master Mechanos with their own Cybergeist which they constructed themselves and named Dentz.  Not only does he cause "dents" in the ground as well as his victims' skulls, but he's pretty "dense" himself.  Mechanos needs muscles rather than brains anyway.

Mechanos: I need only his brawn.  I care not for brains. 

In show of appreciation for making their own Cybergeist, Mechanos offers Zapp a mutagen syringe in case Dentz fails to apprehend Planet Express.

Mechanos:  You might need this Brannigan.  (tosses Zapp a syringe).  In case Dentz fails his objective, use this to unleash the anger I assume is building up inside of you........ for all the times Leela has rejected you.

In hopes of getting even with Planet Express, Zapp leads Dentz as well as Mechanos' footsoldiers to the building where Dentz begins the attack.

Dentz: Attack..... Planet Express!!

When Dentz grabs Bender and pounds his head in.

Bender: Help!  Dentz is causing dents in me!!

If you thought Clamps was trouble, you haven't dealt with Dentz yet!

Ryvul: Remember what we taught you in the Virtual Training Dojo!

That speech alone was enough to motivate everybody (including Fry and Scruffy) into fighting and turning back the invasion, and Dentz himself could not measure up to Ryvul's speed and was bested by his attacks.

Zapp: I always knew Dentz was dense!  You Planet Express people have done it now! 

Zapp reaches into his pocket for the mutagen vial, and into the other one but can't find it.

Zapp: My mutant vial!  Where's my mutant vial!!?

Cybergeist Footsoldier: Right here Captain.

The Cybergeist footsoldier approaches Zapp and injects the needle into his neck.  Zapp cringes and kneels down as the mutagen takes its effect.

Zapp: You've done this TO YOURSELVES!!!!

Zapp transforms into a hulking muscular beast with exposed bone and enlarged teeth.   Think of the dockers in Nightmare Creatures but with Zapp's mutated image.


BGM: Sirenia: Fall Within.

Ryvul: Leela!  Is this the reason why you rejected Zapp??

Leela: It's a long story Ryvul, but that mutagen vial just gave me a new reason!

Mutant Zapp: If seduction won't win your heart to me, then FORCE WILL!!!

Zapp mainly focuses his wrath on Ryvul knowing he's the obstacle in front of Leela.

Mutant Zapp: I need only destroy you, and Leela will be MINE!!!

Ryvul: Try me Zapp!

Zapp swings his fists and Ryvul dodges each blow.

The rest of the crew do what they can to distract the mutated Zapp leaving him open for Ryvul's attacks.

Fry: Zapp, look what you've become!  We used to be pals!

Mutated Zapp: I've become a greater ENTITY!!!

Bender: What about our beer chugging contests?

Mutant Zapp:  I exist now only to chug the BLOOD of all who OPPOSE LORD MECHANOS!!!

After enough distractions and beatings, Zapp swats everyone away and makes a grab for Leela.

Mutant Zapp: Come BACK to me Leela!!  It's NOT too LATE!!!!

Leela: Uggh, you're getting drool all over me!!

Ryvul notices a hose linked to liquid explosive, grabs it and brings it over to the mutated Zapp.

Leela: RYVUL!!

Mutant Zapp: I have plenty of Sham-pagen, Mur-lot, and Sheerazz!! (Champagne, Merlot and Shiraz).

Ryvul cuts an opening into Zapp's thigh and inserts the hose pumping the open wound with the liquid explosive.

Mutant Zapp: AAAARRGGHHH!!!

Mutant Zapp bloats from the hose until he explodes into gore and gel.

BGM ends

Ryvul: Leela was never yours to begin with!

Hermes: Sweet Cujo of Juneau!   Zapp Brannigan became a towering terror and, who's gonna clean up this mess!?

Ryvul: Best left to the professionals, the night cleanup crew.

The night cleanup cower behind the dumpster.

Mechanos: Hmmm.  It appears that Zapp Brannigan is dead as well.

Ryvul: What's wrong Mechanos?  You don't seem upset after losing another one of your henchmen!

Mechanos:  He was never my favorite.  Why would I trust a perverted and self righteous space captain?   I actually planned to get rid of Zapp Brannigan, and I have you to thank for it Ryvul!

Mechanos takes his leave and Dentz follows with the Cybergeist footsoldiers.

Dentz: Not over yet....

As the crew walks back home.

Fry runs up to Ryvul.

Fry: Did you see how Zapp Brannigan charged at you?  He was like NAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Ryvul pushes him back.

Ryvul: I was there Fry, we ALL were.  I killed him.  But it was actually part of Mechanos' plan.  The idea is turning my stomach..

Leela: He's right Fry.  But for now, why don't we all get some rest and we'll find out the truth behind Mechanos' plot tomorrow?

Fry: Most likely world domination.  Y'know how the bad guy always tries to take over the world.

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #217 on: March 19, 2017, 11:36:55 PM »
That Dentz was dense line was genius!  A mutant Zapp!  Reminded me of the Incredible Hulk.  What will the crew encounter next?

Excellent fanfic.   

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #218 on: March 20, 2017, 12:08:53 AM »
I thought you meant Todd MacFarlane.  That's who I think more like.

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Re: Cybergeist: The Dark Side of Futurama
« Reply #219 on: March 20, 2017, 01:13:51 AM »
Oh Todd MacFarlane.  Now I know who you mean.  Keep these fanfics coming!

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