Author Topic: Futurama : Worlds of Tomorrow (new mobile app)  (Read 1213 times)

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Re: Futurama : Worlds of Tomorrow (new mobile app)
« Reply #30 on: November 24, 2017, 02:21:32 PM »
Futurama has another game?   Never knew it!?

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Re: Futurama : Worlds of Tomorrow (new mobile app)
« Reply #31 on: March 09, 2018, 06:17:41 AM »
Lrrr got a huge buff and now he's my go-to Captain character. You'll see why below.

for those wondering, as of writing this post, my go-to questing team is, mostly,
Fry - brave. Level 40 (perks - ultimate has a 15% chance to set enemies on fire, does 15% more damage to brainy enemies)
Bill Nye - brainy. Level 38 (perks - deals 10%  more damage to brave enemies. Attack has a 10% chance to confuse any enemy hit)
Roberto - cool. Level 40 (Perks - attack has a 10% chance to cause bleed. Deals 15% increased damage when at full health)
Labarbara - cool. level 40 (perks - takes 15% reduced damage from Brainy enemies. Has a 15% chance to counter when hit)
Lrrr, replacing Leela - brave. level 40 (perks - When HP is below 25%, Lrrr does 25% more damage. His basic attack does splash damage [with no damage reduction!])

Backup characters:
Leela - Level 36 (perks - deals 10% increased damage to Brainy and cool enemies. has a 15% chance to counter when hit)
Zoidberg - Level 36 (Perks - when health is below 50% his basic attack has 10% health sap. His ultimate has a 25% chance to poison an enemy or ally)
Power Suit Scruffy - level 27 (Perks - special attack makes him invulnerable for 2 turns)
Power Suit Amy - level 30 (perks - 15% chance to attack again after basic attack)

characters unlocked so far (bold = fave, colour = role):
Boxy, Monique, Power Suit Fry, Robot Fry, Devilish Fry, Slurm Duke Fry, Bachelor Fry, Fry, Stephen Hawking, Joey Mousepad, Calculon, Ghost Calculon, Shakespeare Calculon, Dr. Cahill, Bill Nye, Michelle, Butcher Bot, Ramblin' Rodriguez, Santa Claus Bender, Bender, Bee Bender, Burglar Bender, Ghost Bender, Golden Bender, Hunter Bender, Bigfoot, Kif, Cowboy Kif, Hermes, Mecha Hermes, Leela, Lee Lemon, Robot Leela, Zoidberg, Scruffy, Power Suit Scruffy, URL, Off-Duty URL, Hedonismbot, Smitty, Hyper-Chicken, Lrrr, Ndnd, LaBarbara, Horrible Gelatenous Blob, Leg Mutant, Chanukah Zombie, Amy, Amazonian Amy, Nightlife Amy, Power Suit Amy, The Professor, Robot Santa Claus, Roberto, Hookerbot, Mutant Dwayne, The Borax Kid, Malfunctioning Eddie, Crushinator, Bender's Mom, Flexo, Blatherbot, Mutant Vyolet, Lionel Preacherbot, Turbo Neptunian, Robot Gypsy, Father Changstein El-Gamal, Hattie McDoogal, Robot Devil, Billionairebot, Pazuzu, Tinny Tim, Fender

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