Layout Museum

During the first years of this website, I loved driving the visitors nuts by changing the layout at any time he felt like doing so. Since you probably have missed some of the layouts when they were first online, this section contains all the layouts that were ever online, with bonus commentary on what was going on at the time in the Futurama community. The good, the bad, and the ugly: they're all here. Enjoy!

First layout ever!
First online: 1999.07.27; lasted: 39 days.

Mark L*****'s era
First online: 1999.09.04; lasted: 210 days.

One-Eyed Alien Resurrection!
First online: 2000.04.01; lasted: 8 non-continuos days.

Layout Madness Begins
First online: 2000.04.08; lasted: 70 non-continuous days.

Fast to load, fast to go
First online: 2000.05.15; lasted: 1 day.

Hate mail pours in...
First online: 2000.06.05; lasted: 2 days.

Big Blocky Thingy
First online: 2000.06.07; lasted: 59 days.

Free Waterfall: you call THAT a Futurama layout?
First online: 2000.08.05; lasted: 2 days.

See? It could be worse!
First online: 2000.08.18; lasted: 2 days.

Look out! It's a banner ad!
First online: 2000.08.22; lasted: 147 non-continuous days.

What day is today? It's Mark's birthday...
First online: 2000.10.24; lasted: 1 day.

I heard someone got flattened!
First online: 2000.10.24; lasted: 11 days.

Let's change hosts! And domain! And layout, too!
First online: 2000.11.05; lasted: 8 days.

Never relayout while drunk
First online: 2000.11.20; lasted: 1 day.

The Leela Zone goes to war!
First online: 2001.02.07; lasted: 53 days.

...what a day for a birthday, let's all have some cake!
First online: 2001.04.01; lasted: 18 days.

Droppin' like flies... or TLZ webmasters
First online: 2001.04.19; lasted: 59 days.

One small step for men... one ugly layout for TLZ
First online: 2001.06.17; lasted: 4 days.

It's Leela! The Jungle Queen from Africon-9!
First online: 2001.06.21; lasted: 109 days.

And now for something completely different...
First online: 2001.10.08; lasted: 83 days.

Cutesy-poo layout from Leandro's Evil Clone
First online: 2001.12.30; lasted: 2 days.

More Weird Vector Graphics
First online: 2002.01.01; lasted: 46 days.

One hell of a layout!
First online: 2002.01.27; lasted: 1 day.

To hell with hell!
First online: 2002.01.28; lasted: 1 day.

Dodge this, Fox!
First online: 2002.02.18; lasted: 106 non-continuous days.

The Compcrapq Layout
First online: 2002.04.02; lasted: 33 days.

The "No Plugins!" Layout
First online: 2002.07.27; lasted: 140 non-continuous days.

One really Corrupt layout...
First online: 2002.10.23; lasted: 1.

The Voices Is Our Leader!
First online: 2002.12.15; lasted: 12 non-continuous days.

Xmas Layout by S-Chan
First online: 2002.12.23; lasted: 6 days.

The C&D'ed Leela Point!
First online: 2003.01.03; lasted: 57 days.

Poland joins the madness!
First online: 2003.03.01; lasted: 15 days.