Miscellaneous Pictures
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Pop Out People Backgrounds

Those are the background cards from four of the Futurama Pop Out People packs. I never managed to get more than those, so if someone has them and could provide 600dpi scans, please contact us.

Futurama Promotionals

These pictures below are Futurama promotionals, which are given out to the media in order to publicise it.

Episode Promotionals

Space Pilot 3000

Love's Labours
Lost in Space

A Big Piece of Garbage

Hell is Other Robots

A Flight to

When Aliens Attack

Fry and the
Slurm Factory

Xmas Story

Lesser of Two Evils

Put Your Head
on My Shoulder

Bender Gets Made

"Al Gore" Promo
Anthology of Interest I

War is the H-Word

The Honking

Bendless Love

Time Keeps on Slippin'

Time Keeps on Slippin'

I Dated a Robot

Where No Fan
Has Gone Before

Crimes of the Hot


General Promotionals

Generic Promo

Fox Site Promo

"Cast" Promo

"Vortex" Promo



Sports Illustrated

Advert in Sports Illustrated's swimsuits issue promoting Futurama on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Thanks goes to Brian Earl Brown for sending this strange advert to us.

DVD and video Advert

Advert promoting the Futurama DVD and video of the show's first season. This advert was found in the February 2nd to February 8th, 2002, edition of TV & Satellite Week, a weekly British TV guide.

The Guardian

The Guardian (a broadsheet newspaper from the UK) gives a short review of Futurama in its The Guide (one of its supplements), the weekend before the DVD of the show's first season is released in the UK (Monday, 28th January 2002).


Below are four pages taken the German Mad Magazine; it's a parody called Botterama. These were kindly translated by Doomseeker; thanks a lot! He has also provided a small information file in which he tries to explain the more obscure translations/jokes.


Below are three pages taken from June 2000's issue of Starlog, a science fiction entertainment magazine. The article is an interview with Katey Sagal, who's the voice actress behind Leela, which deals with Katey's career, how she got the job at Futurama, and on her character, Leela.

Comic Convention 2000

This sketch was done by Bill Morrison (Futurama's Art Director and Bongo Entertainment's Creative Director) at the Comic Convention 2000 for Jon, who kindly gave it to us to show to you.

TV Guide

This pic was inside TV Guide, which was, at the time, celebrating the coming US Football Super Bowl final in January 2001.

Mother Jones

Here's four cartoon panels dedicated to our favourite futuristic delivery crew, that was printed on the back of the May/June 2001 issue of Mother Jones, a satirical publication from the United States.

TV Guide

Here's a small article from the TV Guide on the last ever Futurama episode, The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings.

A Crazy Legal Notice

This is a legal notice regarding the sale of an abandoned 1974 Ford Futurama that appeared in the Casper, Wyoming, USA Star-Tribune on February 20, 2007. Sent in by an alert reader who says "I thought it was pretty funny since they obviously meant "Ford Futura" but then a friend pointed out that Fry was born in 1974. Coincidence?"

3D Studio Max Bender Model

The exciting news for starving Futurama fans back in the dark, pre new episode rumor days of February 2006 was that a group of dedicated fans were putting together a short movie using some characters from Futurama - namely Bender, Zoidberg, and the ever lovable brain slugs - to be called Blade Bender. Exactly one year later, the disappointing news came through that the project had been postponed indefinitely. However Blade Bender creator Jamie T. Bently graciously released the screen play draft and this, the 3D Studio Max model for Bender. Click on the picture to down load it. Sadly, according to Mr. Bently, the model for Zoidberg was lost in a "fishing accident".

Futurama Returns Promo Material from ComicCon

Promo For Bender's Big Score DVD
Futurama's Coming Back On TV!

Many thanks goes to Officer 1BDI for submitting two scans of promo material that she got from ComicCon 2007. One is a promo for the coming DVD movie called Bender's Big Score, which will be out in December this year. The other is promo material saying that new episodes of the show will be coming up on Comedy Central, which is a good thing. Heck, that's an understatement, it's a fantastic thing! Many thanks again to Officer 1BDI for sending these.

Leela Look-a-like

!iMmOrTaL! writes "Everyday, the Sun newspaper in England has a small panel where readers send in photos of celebrities that look like other celebrities. I guess it's not impossible for a real person to look like Leela. With or without makeup!"

John DiMaggio interview in Zoo Magazine

!iMmOrTaL! found this interview with John DiMaggio, the voice of Bender, in Zoo Magazine. You'll notice we didn't provide a link to Zoo Mag. There's a reason for that and the headline of the interview should be a clue.

Beast With A Billion Backs spoiler in Zoo Magazine

!iMmOrTaL! found this article that contains alleged gags from the upcoming movie. Danger: Possible SPOILERS.

Nuts magazine interviews Bender

!iMmOrTaL! located this interview with Bender. For the same reason we didn't link to Zoo mag above we aren't linking to the host mag here and again the name should give you a clue why not.

Wizard Magazine: Beast With a Billion Backs

Beast With a Billion Backs Promotional Images

Zoo Magazine interview with Matt Groening

!iMmOrTaL! spotted this interview with Futurama creator Matt Groening where he talks about the possble return of Futurama in the post Wild Green Yonder world.

BackToTheFuturama's Caption Screen Wallpapers

BackToTheFuturama has been busy creating these caption screen wallpapers, which can be used to adorn your computer's desktop (ie, as mentioned, they're wallpapers). He's created a caption for every Futurama episode and film, so your favourites are guaranteed to be there. Just click on the link and find the caption you want.

Futurama Characters in Off The Mark

Taffy spotted this appearance by Leela, Bender and Fry in a one-panel newspaper comic Off The Mark, along with what looks like Sulley and Mike from the movie Monsters, Inc., the latter of whom seems to have taken a bit of a shine to Leela...so to speak.

Powerpoint presentation on Nixon vs. United States (Watergate)

This is a Power Point presentation that about the United States vs. Nixon court case that grew out of the Watergate scandle. Trevin Bernhard made it for his Social Studies class and of course it draws heavilly on Nixon's appearances in Futurama. Trevin says it was well received. If you don't have MS Office, you can download a power point viewer from Microsoft or use OpenOffice.

Futurama Collage

A Futurama collage by Frutch (that's pronounced “f - roo - t - ch”). This is an MS Office 2007 Word Document (.docx).

100th Episode - Script sneak peeks

The cover and one interior page of the the script for 6ACV12, Futurama's 100th episode. The open page purports to read:
Nibbler: Congratulations, Dr. Wong!

Kif pops open a bottle of champagne, starts to raise it to his lips, then reconsiders and tosses it away. Bender's arm shoots up and catches it, and he begins chugging it.
(Cut)? to Nibbler pawing Leela's lap like a kitten. Looking hypnotized once again, she pets him, zombie-like. Nibbler (?)les once and goes to sleep.

From a post by SoylentOrange on PEEL and brought to our attention by Futurama_Freak1.

How to Draw Leela, Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth

Suitable for printing and hanging on your wall for reference are these charts showing how to draw Leela, Fry, Bender, and Farsnworth. These are the same images that were on the DVDs. Thanks to Futurama_Freak1 for grabbing them and putting them together into these handy "how to draw" reference charts.

Miss Futurama of 1939

Futurama derives it's name from the
General Motors exhibit at the 1939 (Old) New York Worlds Fair. Frosty is vacationing in Washington D.C. and was visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and ran across this exhibit featuring “Miss Futurama“. They may not have got the car of 1960 right (although by the year 2010 they weren't too far off) but they came a lot closer with her synthetic glass coat - it sets the style for the 3000's.

September Fools

Interested in a subscription to Futurama Comics? If so, you can (or could) get one on E-bay. So far as we know, this is a legitimate offer for same, but what isn't legitimate is that comic cover. Astute FM/TLZ fans will no doubt recognize the fake 50th issue cover that Futurama_Freak1 did for April Fools day. Apparently the promoter of this E-bay item just did a quick web search for a comic cover and found this one.

That's just wrong

The caption reads “Context. Without it, the children will cry.”. And boy, ain't that the truth. Thanks to Dingsda who found this and sent us a copy.

Old enough to know better

Pieter Antonissen was surfing the web late one night and stumbled upon this picture of a 'real life' Leela and he thought of all the photoshop pictures he'd seen, in this one she looks realy natural. We had to agree. He found it here.

Futurama fan or coincidence?

Gulliver63 sends this picture of the cover of a book he found at the school where he works. Get a load of the young asian student in the pink outfit...is this artist a Futurama fan?

More Futurama demotivationals

Two more Futurama (de)motivational posted that two of FM/TLZ friends spotted on the internet. The one on the left was called to our attention by MC, and while the thumbnail is too small to reveal it's Futurama reference, a look at the full size image will make things clear. The other image was sent in by Dingsda and is commentary on an remarkable internet phenomena.

Yet another Futurama demotivational

This one speaks for itself, although we really shouldn't call it a demotivational; if that isn't motivation I don't know what is. Submitted by Robert.

Now that's demotivation

Sometimes, you just have to keep your priorities straight.
Submitted by BackToTheFuturama

History of the PE logo?

Bosda was surfing through sites on the history of Science Fiction when he found this logo from Hugo Gernsback's old Science Fiction League and noted it's similarity to the PE logo. “Groening & company did not do this by accident, I'm betting” he says. See the Wikipedia article on Science fiction fandom, especially the origins and history section for back ground info on the Science Fiction League.
Submitted by Bosda

Dutch BWABB DVD menus

In case you were wondering what DVD menus looked like in Dutch, here are a couple from Beast With A Billion Backs
Submitted by iGideon

Electric mucous or not?

Move over People of Walmart.com because now there's You Drive What? where Flounder found this pic that look for all the world like a pait job inspired by the PE ship. The original is here but we have a copy for safe keeping and faster access. So, what do you think, did they do Electric Mucous right?

Stuff just got real

Happy Halloween 2011 from Dingsda

Still drawn ... (to Futurama)

An article from 24 Hours Toronto dated December 11, 2012 and written by Steve Tilley of the QMI (Québecor Media Inc.) Agency talking abut animated shows that were (then) stll on the air.
Contributed by Spaceman130

There's still time ...

The 2015 Futurama calendar front, centerfold, and back cover.
Contributed by Spaceman130