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What took me so long?
Posted on February 5, 2017 by Tim
Crap! It's been nearly three months since this site was last updated. That's almost unprecedented. Almost. But we won't go there. Anyway, mostly my bad, we had a couple of technical problems that Leandro got sorted out, the rest was my being busy and generally lacking ambition after taking care of Real Life junk. BUT, we're back baby! And there's a bunch of stuff that's been accumulating in the old mailbox, so here goes.

First is some new Fan Art from Silvie Taylor which as you can see is a gender-bend of Fry and Leela.

Spaceman130 has been busy with three new Fan Arts, this one's a Zodiac, Futurama style. What's your sign, baby? He's also got two others of a Zapp-Centaur combo called a Zapptaur.
But wait! There's more. He's also cranked out two (count 'em) two Comic Transcripts for #80 Dumbsday! and #81 A Touch of Medieval!.

And then MC had a slow day at work and was organizing his floppy disks and discovered a Fan Fiction he'd written three years ago but forgot to send along, so here's Three Days and Two Nights in five chapters in which the Professor wins a "free" vacation to a tropical paradise and brings the whole crew along as a reward. Bender gets a new slave and fails at the casino but succeeds at robbery and running for his life; Fry and Leela have misadventures with food, a boat, and mostly naked female aliens; Amy indulges in her various lusts and fights a racist kangaroo, both with disastrous consequences; Zoidberg is happy his "friends" are paying attention to him and is more happy when an old enemy comes to try and settle the score; the Professor succumbs to low pressure sales tactics; and everyone seriously hopes that Hermes is just covered in mud.

And lastly but far from leastly, lastly time I updated (last year) I announced a Fan Fiction by Gulliver63 called The Morgan Chronicles II: The Die is Cast which was supposed to have some cover art but which, due to the aforementioned difficulties (the technical ones, not the lazy one) I couldn't upload at the time. Well now I can so here it is.
A much belated Boo!
Posted on November 23, 2016 by Tim
Well, I had intended to stage my return from the dead on Halloween, but the site barfed and I couldn't update much of anything including this. So what with the three principles of this site and our hosting service all being on different continents and in different time zones and, except for possibly our hosting service, having lives it took a little while to get that sorted out. So anyway, we're back baby! Mostly, I still can't upload Fan Art but I'm sure we'll have that all sorted out soon enough.

Good News Everyone! Comic #81 is out. In it, Professor Farnsworth invents a reality-reversing machine that makes everything the opposite of the way it was (or is?) and somehow manages to send Fry a thousand years into the past rather than the future. And if that sounds confusing, itís because it makes perfect sense. It all makes sense in the 'ramaverse. Thanks to our very own Leandro for the tip.

About the only other thing I can upload at the moment is Fan Fiction and we do have a couple of those, although, wouldn't you know it, one has accompanying artwork that we don't get to see yet. That one is a fic by Gulliver63 called The Morgan Chronicles II: The Die is Cast in which the young college student Morgan finds herself locking horns with Mom in a campus demonstration; she also has to tell her mother at home that she's chosen the path of the Bureaucracy for her career. What gets her started down this road? All will be revealed in the second story of the Morgan Chronicles. Also to be revealed is the cover art for this story once I can upload it.

The other fic is from a new to Madhouse contributor ChurroTheKidRS. Schlee's got a story called The Fryish Revolution. It's another time warping adventure as the crew get sent back in time to 1955 and land in the midst of the Cuban revolution. Fry and Leela are captured by the 26th of July Movement and are great danger.

Hopefully more soon.
Posted on July 7, 2016 by Tim
Wow! Yes, it's an actual update! With real stuff! And I'm gonna lead off with an shiny metal kicking Fan Fiction by Ramon 51. It's called Run Silent, Run Deep and if that sounds vaguely like it might be a submarine story, you'd be close. The gist of it is that there's a war on and the PE crew, along with some other innocent bystanders you may or may not recognize, get drafted. They end up in the “silent service”, but in 3009 they're no mere sewer pipe that can submerge for a few hours; nope, now we have Trans-Dimensional Submersibles (or TDS) which can “submerge” into the 4th dimension. Check out how our intrepid crew adjusts to the rigors of military life and combat. (Spoiler alert - surprisingly well actually ).

And next, Comic Transcript! Spaceman130 has transcribed issue #79 for us, it's called Kif of Death! in which Kif calls Amy and asked her to plan his wake and funeral as he only has 5 days to live.

Ok, that's a start. More to come.
Surprise - still here!
Posted on June 19, 2016 by Tim
Dang! Has it really been two months since I last updated this place? Man, time keeps on slippin', doesn't it? If I were the boss around here I'd be getting after that lazy, good fer nothing webmaster ... er wait .... ... let's not go there. Anyway, let me just say that life has continued to be a bit hectic and the occasional evening I've had when I could update I haven't been able to muster the energy to do so. I'm currently traveling for the next week but once I get back I'll have mucho more free time and promise to get back to semi-regular updates. A huge thanks to everyone for your patience, especially the loyal contributors who've sent stuff in and have been waiting. *does the hand thing* (why don't we have a smiley for that?)
The pile gets kinda deep when you only update once a month or so
Posted on April 10, 2016 by Tim
Oh man, where to start. I know, Fan Art. We've got a bunch of it so let's do that first. DSS send this pic of Leela called Rain which he tells me is something of an experimental work for him combining hand-drawn art and digital art, and it's set to the lyrics of “Rain” by Creed, hence it's name. I see what he did there.

Ok, I feel silly saying this, but if you have the 2016 Futurama calendar (and really, who would be visiting here that didn't have it?) then you know it's character mask cutouts and you tape on a stick and hold up in front of your face (I can't wait for all the office holiday parties next December, I'm totally gonna fool 'em) and Spaceman130 has provided two more, Elzar and Kif. Plus he's got three other pics that are Amy, Morgan, Moose, and Mandy as Nightwalkers from the vid games Vampire Rain (serious baddies, you don't want to meet them in a dark alley, or anywhere else for that matter ).

Ryvul sends four new pics. I'm not exactly clear what brand of evil he's got going here but I still don't think I'd like to hang out with any of these guys either.

OK, that concludes the visual part of tonight's show, now let's wander over to Comic Transcripts where Spaceman130 has transcribed comic #78 which is entitled Little Orphan Android.

And we conclude the Good News Everyone portion of today's update with a new Fan Fiction. Missy sends a new missive (ha! see what I did there?) called Learning Grateful in which Leela is feeling a bit under-appreciated, but a talk with Amy - and some help from Bender and Fry - boosts her spirits.

Lastly, Important Announcement time, so listen up everyone. We have been advised by our hosting service that on Wednesday, April 20th 2016, from 12:01 AM to 6:01 AM Pacific daylight time (0701 to 1301 UTC) network maintenance will be conducted in the service's data center. During the maintenance window, you may experience brief periods of packet loss and/or latency of up to 2 to 3 minutes when accessing FM/TLZ and FMMB (in laymen's terms, you might get errors or see REALLY slow response for a few minutes). But don't worry, throughout the whole maintenance window and until we have received confirmation that everything is back to normal, I'll be sound asleep.
Magic mushrooms and their effects
Posted on March 13, 2016 by Tim
Here's an entirely new medium for Fan Art ... Mushrooms. Spaceman130 etched the classic Fry, Leela, and Bender logo into the cap of a couple of 'shrooms with a wood burning pen. He did two 'cause one didn't turn out quite as good as the other. In my humble opinion, it's a much better use of the things than eating them He's also got a pic of Scruffy as a Centaur - would that be Scruffy the janitaur? This was inspired by some similar pics that our next contributor has on his DA page.

And that next contributor would be none other than Gulliver63 who has a new Fan Fiction, the first of a planned six installments about the life of Morgan Proctor. In this story we find out how our favorite bureaucrat got her start in life, and we learn of the headmistress that had a great influence on her in her early years. It's called The Morgan Chronicles I: A Bureaucrat is Born.

And a couple of more Fan Fictions. The first is Searchers in the Dark by Spaceman130. It's based on the sewer section of mission 8 in Vampire Rain. In it, Fry, Leela and Hermes take a route through the sewers to get to Edward van Dyke's lair and destroy him. However, their mission is thwarted by sewer residents who have become nightwalkers. Can they survive the onslaught?

And the concluding piece of prose today is the next installment of Dwayne Anderson's Space Ace Doofus. The latest is Part 15.
Let's get this show on the road
Posted on February 16, 2016 by Tim
Our old friend DSS writes “I've been really bummed out seeing that FM/TLZ has been relatively inactive so I hope these new pieces of fan art I made will bring a brief spark back to the site.”. Well, some of that relative inactivity is on me, got some of that Real Life stuff getting in the way. The rest of the relatively you'll have to blame on Einstein. Anyway, DSS has several new Fan Arts, three based on some classic moments in the series, one on an old Wallpaper by The Voices, and this one of an insomniac Leela, which was inspired by a gag from an episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. So very surreal.

I think this is a first. Self-inserts show up in fic from time to time but are kinda rare in the Fan Art arena. So there's a whole bunch of new pics from Ryvul and sos I just gots to assumes that's hisself in this one. He's quite the whiz with photoshop as you'll see if you check out his stuff.

And finally today Spaceman130 has done a Comic Transcript of Issue 77, titled New New New York!. Check it out and read what's new in New New York. (did ya see what I did there?).
Let's try this again
Posted on February 2, 2016 by Tim
Ok, that last update stayed put this time so let's get this show back on the air. First up is a couple of Fan Arts from Spaceman130. This one's a couple of poses of Zapp in a suit, not his usual garb except in the realm of the artist's Fan Fictions, where Zapp's attire is never realyy described in any detail. So now you know.

Next up, this was supposed to be for Xmas, and honest, I put it up and did an update on 24 December but it mysteriously vanished. At least, I don't remember drinking that much then. Anyway, speaking of drinking, here's a Fan Fiction by dinkdrinker called A Visit from Das Bender, which is a Xmas story where southern Germany is revisited with the Krampus being replaced by our favorite cigar smoking, cheap booze drinking robot. Enjoy a holiday classic poem, twisted and warped, Bender style. Also late, Tim style. Happy Groundhog day!

And we haven't had one of these in a good long time (cue the joke about not having anything in a good long time ), it's a new answer to one of Cubert's Rants! El-man busts another one from 1ACV02, The Series Has Landed.
Testing 1 2 3 ...
Posted on January 27, 2016 by Tim
Ok, real simple, quick and dirty update just so you know we're still open for business. There are a couple of reasons for lack of recent updates, one is busy life stuff on my part and another is some weirdness with the site - I know I did an update back in December but it isn't there, not even the stuff I uploaded to the site. Now it's gone! So, hopefully if this works and doesn't dematerialize into the cloud in a couple of days, we'll get things moving again. So I'm going to start off with a real simple link to somewhere else; that being a homage to 3ACV20, aka Godfellas in which Michael from Germany presents Bender lost in Space, where our brew guzzling bot friend ascends 30,000 meters up, only to become Lost in Space (which was the name of another space show, albeit a very kitschy one).
No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet
Posted on November 23, 2015 by Tim
Although sometimes I wish I could. I mean, that's the basic premise of Futurama, right? So there's a bunch of people who have been waiting patiently for me to crawl out from whatever rock I've been under and get their stuff put up, so here's a start. First up, I'm sure you've heard about the recent unpleasantness in France. Well, Thomas Martin lives there and submitted this Fan Art of Leela in tribute of the recent terrorist acts in Paris, and as a global statement against terrorism.

On a lighter note, Spaceman130 was recently traveling (presumably in or near Ontario Canada) when he spotted this Ontario license plate which we'd all love to have (I thought about it but where I am only lets you have 7 characters ). I had to crop the plate for the thumbnail so you could tell what it was. If you click on it it'll take you to the Fan's Photos page where you can click and see the big picture which'll put it in context.

And finally for today, a new Comic Transcript. Spaceman130 cranked out one for issue #76 titled Captain Brannigan: The Windbag Soldier. I might also mention that if you look at the list of transcripts, you'll see that we need to fill in a few blanks, so if you've got the comics in question and want to do a transcript that would be great. Don't worry about the formatting, I can clean that up. Do one and get your 15 minutes of fame right here (or maybe 15 days if I fall off the planet again. )