Sound Clips

1ACV01: Space Pilot 3000
1ACV02: The Series has Landed
1ACV03: I, Roommate
1ACV04: Love's Labors Lost in Space
1ACV05: Fear of a Bot Planet
1ACV06: A Fishfull of Dollars
1ACV07: My Three Suns
1ACV08: A Big Piece of Garbage
1ACV09: Hell is Other Robots
1ACV10: A Flight to Remember
1ACV11: Mars University
1ACV12: When Aliens Attack
1ACV13: Fry and the Slurm Factory
2ACV01: I Second That Emotion
2ACV02: Brannigan, Begin Again
2ACV03: A Head in the Polls
2ACV04: Xmas Story
2ACV05: Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
2ACV06: Lesser of Two Evils
2ACV07: Put Your Head on my Shoulder
2ACV08: Raging Bender
2ACV09: A Bicyclops Built for Two
2ACV10: A Clone of my Own
2ACV11: How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
2ACV12: The Deep South
2ACV13: Bender Gets Made
2ACV14: Mother's Day
2ACV15: The Problem With Popplers
2ACV16: Anthology of Interest I
2ACV17: War is the H-Word
2ACV18: The Honking
2ACV19: The Cryonic Woman
3ACV01: Amazon Women in the Mood
3ACV02: Parasites Lost
3ACV04: Luck of the Fryish
3ACV05: The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
3ACV06: Bendless Love
3ACV07: The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
3ACV08: That's Lobstertainment
3ACV09: The Cyber House Rules
3ACV11: Insane in the Mainframe
3ACV13: Bendin' in the Wind
3ACV14: Time Keeps On Slipping
3ACV15: I Dated a Robot
3ACV03: A Tale of Two Santas
3ACV10: Where the Buggalo Roam
3ACV16: A Leela of Her Own
3ACV17: A Pharaoh to Remember
3ACV18: Anthology of Interest II
3ACV19: Roswell that Ends Well
3ACV20: Godfellas
3ACV21: Future Stock
3ACV22: 30% Iron Chef
4ACV02: Leela's Homeworld
4ACV03: Love and Rocket
4ACV11: Where No Fan Has Gone Before
3ACV12: The Route of All Evil
4ACV05: A Taste of Freedom
4ACV07: Jurassic Bark
4ACV08: Crimes of the Hot
4ACV11: Where No Fan Has Gone Before
4ACV16: Three Hundred Big Boys

Futurama: The Game


Opening Theme (mp3, 200K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
1ACV09: Robot Hell (mp3, 1.76 Meg) - Cropped by Stingray
1ACV13: Grunka Lunka Dunkity Do (mp3, 240K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
2ACV11: Born To Be A Bureaucrat (mp3, 635K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
2ACV15: Pop A Poppler In Your Mouth (mp3, 46K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
3ACV03: How The Elves Saved Xmas (mp3, 709K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
4ACV06: Beat Boxing Remix (mp3, 200kK) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
4ACV06: TV Party Tonight (mp3, 207K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
4ACV12: Bee Happy (mp3, 334K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
4ACV18: Fry's Opera (mp3, 4.6M) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
4ACV18: A Holophoner Symphony, the full holophoner music from the end of Devils Hands. (mp3, 6.7mb) - Cropped by Stretch Dude and sent in by archonix
Bender's Big Score: Intro (mp3, 1 Meg) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
Bender's Big Score: Leela and Lars (mp3, 1 Meg) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
Bender's Big Score: This Toyshop's Going To War (mp3, 1.9 Meg) - Cropped by Michelle
Bender's Big Score: End Theme (mp3, 1 Meg) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
Bender's Game: Rock Intro (mp3, 820K) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
Into The Wild Green Yonder: That Was Then and This Is Too (Theme) (mp3, 1 Meg) - Cropped by Soylent Orange
Future Roma theme from The Duh-Vinci Code (mp3, 310k) - Cropped by archonix
In The Year 105105 from The Late Philip J. Fry (mp3, 876k, 1m 11s) - Cropped by Soylentorange

Miscellaneous canon clips

Farnsworth: “Good News Everyone” (mp3, 28K) - Cropped by Red_Line
Bender: “Bite my shiny metal ass” (mp3, 40k) - Cropped by Dingsda

System Sounds

Below are sound files to replace your default system sounds. To change the system sound events in Windows, go to your Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel) and double-click on Sounds. Now you'll find that you're in the "Sounds Properties" box. Choose the relevant event you want to change from the "Events" list (examples are: Start Windows, New Mail Notification). In the "Sound" list use "browse" to find the sound you downloaded. Now click OK.

Bender Email Sound (201KB) - Sound cropped by Henning
Futurama Theme Startup and Shutdown System Sounds (276KB) - Sounds cropped by Birdbot
New Justice Team Theme Startup and Shutdown System Sounds (528KB) - Sounds cropped by Birdbot
Fry Beeps (Insane in the Mainframe) System Sound Beeps (151KB) - Sounds cropped by Birdbot
Xmas Startup and Shutdown Sounds (945KB) - Sounds cropped by Birdbot
Various Xmas Sounds (2.4MB) - Sounds cropped by Birdbot

Miscellaneous Fan Stuff

Back To The Futurama.mp3 (3.6MB MP3) - A hip-hop celebration of the second coming of the almighty Futurama by 2Thirteen
Philbot reading out Futurama comic #1 - he imitates the characters (4.2MB zip file)
Seba's Futurama voices compilation with the Mission Impossible film's soundtrack as backing (3.2MB MP3)
New Year Countdowns from Space Pilot 3000 (706KB) - Sounds cropped by Birdbot
The Sting (25mb Zip file) - The Sting, a collection of six Futurama inspired songs by Atomic Raygun Attack (external website links).
DSS' Jurassic Planet commentary DSS talks about his first fic Jurassic Planet! This 6-minute long recording is an in-depth look at how he made this fic! (mp3, 2.8Mb) - by DSS
Rush's Bad Futurama Impressions (wmv, 3MB) - recorded by Rush
Rush reads his Fanfic Bender and the Beanstalk (wma, 2.3mb) - recorded by Rush
Everybody Love Hypnotoad (mp3, 4mb, 2:54) a techno tribute to Hypnotoad by Ivan New!

Cast and Crew Interviews

Interview of John Dimaggio on BBC 6 Music (9.6MB MP3) - An interview of John Dimaggio by Nemone on her BBC 6 Music show, on 25th March 2008.